Verbatim 16x Dvd+r



Can someone tell me if ALL Verbatim 16x Dvd+r are Media Code MCC004?
Also where can I buy some that I know are MCC004 media code? I’d appeciate any feedback, thanks.


Considering all the Verbatim 16x DVD+R packages mention Metal AZO dye, and no one has reported getting anything but MCC004, I’d say it’s a safe bet.


I bought 1 pack and yes, they are MCC004. The problem I have is that my Pioneer 108 (with 1.18 firmware) will not burn them at 16x. :frowning: They burn nicely at 12x, but so do the cheaper 8x MCC003 Verbatim +Rs.

This is too bad because I paid a lot more for these than the 8x (about 3x as much), and I didn’t need the extra media. The only reason I bought them was to try 16x burning on true 16x media. (I’ve tried a few 16x burns on TY 8x +Rs, but although Nero lets me select 16x, the 16x speed never kicks in (never gets above 11.8x). I thought maybe with “true” 16x media, I’d see the 16x kick in at the end, but it was not to be.) :confused:

For me and my Pioneer, these perform exactly the same as the 8x disks. Perhaps a future firmware update will burn them at 16x. For now, 22 of the 25 disks are just sitting on my shelf waiting for that day to come. :rolleyes:


Sounds like your system is the limiting factor. My 600 MHz PIII with NEC 3500A will only get up to abou 14X, then the CPU load hits 100%, and the drive slows down. My CPU load is 2% at 4X. High speed burn requires a lot of CPU load.


My NEC 3500a burn these fine at 16x. Yes, there are MCC004


Nope, this is due to poor support from Pioneer.
Pioneer needs to get off their arse and support these discs at 16x with the next 108 firmware.


It really, really doesn’t matter. 16x writing with the Pioneer 108 is about 10 seconds faster than 12x writing. Don’t take my word for it, look at the reviews. Cdfreaks just did a review on the Asus 1604P (which is a relabeled Pioneer 108), and they reported exactly the same thing.

As many other people have already stated, many times over, this drive should really be thought of as a 12x writer. Mind you, I have one in my collection. I bought it knowing the facts, and I am happy with it as a very nice 12x writer.


I have some Verbatim (MCC004) discs arriving shortly. I am interested to see how they perform in my three 16x drives.

Also got some 16x DVD-R discs coming next week.


I did the review on the ASUS DRW-1604P.
Yes, 16x writing is only 2-5 seconds faster than 12x writing on this drive - in my experience.
However, the most popular and most readily available 16x DVD+R discs should be supported at 16x.
There really is no excuse not to support this media at the proper speed - even if it only saves a few seconds.


The A09 doesn’t support MCC004 OR MCC03RG20 at 16x either. Did Mitsubishi do something to make Pioneer mad?