Verbatim 16x DVD-R review (tested on 3500 & 3520)



Read the review overhere:


thanks for the link , looks promising just have to wait for the price to come dwn a little


I would prefer to see at lest five test burns for each tested drive.


Those PIF values seem to be quite high considering.


5 pieces tested, and PIF spikes attributable to Lite-On scanning bug.

Not mentioned until now is the amount of media we actually tested with 5 pieces being used for each writer and the results shown are very consistent with the rest of the tested pieces of media. CD Speed gave similar scan results in the region of +/- 5% on all 5 pieces tested in each of the review drives, showing to this reviewer that the Verbatim 16x DVD-R was of a very consistent quality.

While looking at the results from the Disc Quality tests you may notice rather alarmingly low scores on some results and may be wondering how come CDR-Zone.COM are giving the Verbatim 16x DVD-R media a good rating. This can best be explained by first explaining how CD Speed comes to its Quaity Score. It is based soley on maximum reported PIF errors. So if single spikes similar to what have been reported by the Liteon-It 1653S whilst scanning are found the Disc Quality score really does take a beating. Although the Quality score has to be based on something, it does not take into account the known bug in the MediaTek chipset used by the this particular Liteon and hopefully the transfer and playback tests are proof enough that these single spikes really do not effect the final recording. If you ignore this ‘bug’ and remove these spikes from the equation, the Quality scores would be in the 90’s.

For those with BenQ or Philips writers that support the Disc Quality test feature in CD Speed scan the recordings of the Verbatim 16x DVD-R media from the NEC and Pioneer writers, this bug is not apparent and the spikes will not be seen. We did actually scan our recordings in the Philips DVDR 1640 where no spikes where noted and the Quality score was indeed in the 90’s, although the Liteon was used as its scanning method most closely matches official standards that would be used in an industry CAT scanner which is what the industry uses to determine similar errors as the Disc Quality test in CD Speed shows.


Yo furballi-

If you read through the entire article - you would see towards the end that every burner was tested with at least five discs-



Yeah…my bad.


16x Verbatim -R (MCC03RG20) @16x.

Burn time was 5.48 mins.



That compares very nicely to what I found during my tests. If you take into consideration that our reading devices will not totally agree. The general trend on the PIE is very similar, a similar recording time is seen and a similar amount of PIF. The jitter is as i mentioned within specs nicely and best of all i feel is no big spike at the end of the disk like has been seen with the +R version from verbatim. You get your disks from SVP or source them locally?



Yes, I got mine from SVP - both 16x +R and 16x -R. Cracking price too. :slight_smile:


Yes at the price verbatim 16x media is at the moment from SVP there really is no reason to be stuck with the lower speed stuff if you have an high speed burner. If only SVP sold more media of this quality I would really recomend them!


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16x Verbatim -R is good for 5.16 mins for a full burn in my LG 4163. :slight_smile:


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Next time you do your test - do them at 4x instead of the 8x you used - 'cause that is the standard that we all use to compare our scans-




I thought the BenQ/Philips Scans were to be done at 8x?


4x for the LiteOn drives.
8x for the BenQ and Philips drives.

At least that is the forums standards for comparison.


:iagree: Yep, that is my understanding.



OOPS!!! I stand corrected-