Verbatim 16x DVD+R OfficeMax Offer Valid: 2/11-2/17



Just noticed this on the OfficeMax web site for $12.99

You might not want to get the ones with the ‘intelliflix’ free trial insert on the top of the spindle.

See here:

I will be going to pick some up locally next week, I only have 70 left :eek:

note: It did give me this price online right now but as above I would recommend buying them in store.


Thank you, Megadeth! I am heading in to Office Max tomorrow. I have a $10 off coupon to use, and this will make the total $15.98 for 2 packs! :slight_smile:


Thanks MegaDETH, I will get some also, I hope they have the PAPA CMC Mde Verbs, at the last sale they only had the Prodisc and the Intelliflix that were PAP6, not bad but not as good as my other PAPA Verb discs. I really love MCC004 as it burns great in my new LGH42 RL00. I also have that 10 coupon, its a card they send you in the mail so it cannot be found anyplace else. :bigsmile:


I’ve actually had better luck with the Prodisc MCC 004 from OfficeMax than the CMC variety. I’ve had really crap batches of the CMC that I purchased on sale, especially in the 100 packs – the first few discs would be okay, but then dye streaks about 75% through. I will not buy these if they have the Intelliflix insert… See here a burn with the Samsung 182@18x with Prodisc MCC 004 from a 25 pack. Ignore the date as this a reburn of an older disc.

I’ve found that I’ve gotten better discs when I use a coupon and buy them not on sale… I wonder if Verbatim clear out bad batches with vendor encouraged sales? I guess the thing to do is to hunt for a pack that is slightly dusty and been on the shelf a while! :stuck_out_tongue:


For anyone stuck with Prodisc MCC 03RG20, my Pioneer 111 w/8.29 does better than any other drive I own, almost as well as the MCC 004s.


Can I use dvd+r to burn dvd movies, I’ve been using dvd-r and it seems to work great.
But I want to be able to erase any dvd if it dosn’t burn right, Can anyone answer this for me please.



Does anyone know how wide-spread the PAP6/Intelliflix sightings are? The reason I ask is that I bought two spindles of MCC 004’s with this Intelliflix promo in early January (when on sale) from Bestbuy. Both spindles turned out to be CMC PAPA media.


If that is the case then its hit and miss. :iagree: All the spindles with the Intelliflix offer that Office Max had were PAP6 but I don’t want you to think they were bad becuase they were pretty good, just not as good as the PAPA.:clap:


remember to bring your empty ink cartidges to office max and get $3 off per ink cartidge, not sure if its valid for all brands but lexmark and hp works for sure.


Thanks for the reminder, I forgot about the Ink carts $3 off! :flower:


It really blows that Office Max closed down here.


I get all my cartridges need from by going to their local office. The price and quality of cartridges are very good.


I’m probably going to do a ‘return-rebuy’ of my poor quality PAP6/Intelliflix discs and get the older packaged discs, which will likely be PAPA. They’re usable, but have dye streaks with some discs and just don’t burn very well - normally I’d just accept lesser batches of media, but I expect better from Verbatim.


Do they have quantity limitation on empty cartridge you return?


Unfortunately, the OM ad makes a point of the Intelliflix offer, so chances are any supply of +Rs that stores got in for this sale will all be PAP6. But maybe checking around at the back of the shelf could produce some older stock PAPAs.

It’s scary to think Verbatim might try to unload substandard media through special deals with chains such as OM. :eek:


I’m pretty convinced that Verbatim are unloading substandard media through special deals… so I think best to try to find a box in the back of the shelf with a bit of dust on it!


Come on guys, watch out for unsubstantiated conspiracies . As much as I miss the older higher quality, these are far from substandard.


When you get a really bad batch of these with dye streaks you tend to get paranoid!


BTW, I just got my batches from Office Max… one was PAPA and the other was Prodisc made.

Not sure if this applies to all packaging, but the Prodisc made box had a dark blue print whereas the CMC made PAPA were a purple shade. Neither pack had the Trial insert… although they did have some of these.

Another thing I noticed was that the tops of the spindles were slightly different. The CMC PAPA pack had a small rectangular cutout and the printing on top (LOCK, OPEN) was in Times font. On the Prodisc pack, the printing (LOCK, OPEN) was in Helvetica and there was no rectangular cutout.

This [I]might[/I] help you to get the type of discs you want! :cop:


Notice the font style in this pic of CMC made Verbatim, than is the San Serif font, look for it and you will get CMC made Verbatim :wink: