Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC03RG20 Made In India Quite bad

Just opened a new spindle of these. Burnt the first one at 16x on my Benq DW1640, default settings (SB off, OS off, WOPC on).

Now I’ve owned cmc made verbatim 16x dvd-r made in taiwan before and yes they weren’t all that great either, but they never scored a quality of 0 at their rated speed, with PO Failures (when i scanned it last night after burning this was the case, scanning today produces slightly better results).

The second burnt at 12x instead, same default settings (SB off, OS off, WOPC on).

The third one burnt was done 12x with solidburn on for known media, so first burn on learning. Will update to see if solidburn helps for Moser Baer made MCC03RG20.

The transfer rate graphs for these are as you’d expect, few slowdown drops in the 1st disc, 2nd and 3rd are okay.

So burning these at 12x isn’t so bad, but still not good at all really. Perhaps solidburn is helping things, or perhaps the first couple of discs on the spindle were crap.

The stamp on the inner ring of these MII mcc03rg20 is 6152 513 -R E A 07268. Reorder code is the same as MIT stuff: 43522. Says Made in India on cakebox label.

Just goes to show the variability of verbatims these days, especially if you’re buying over the net and can’t check where it’s made. Although I bought these in Sainsburies and just didn’t check the label :clap:

It seems that most errors are in the 12x segment of the burn. Have you tried to do a burn @8x?

I will do sometime. Pretty poor that I have to burn them at half their rated speed to get a decent burn.

The last scan doesn’t seem so bad so I’ll check more out with solidburn at 12x after it’s learnt a few more about this particular mcc03rg20.

My BenQ DW1655 drives produce much better burns with SolidBurn on for known media for MCC004 Made in India and for several other media as well. Even though these are different drives and you’re burning MCC03RG20 I think your third scan shows that SolidBurn will probably help with your discs.

And as g[B]eno888[/B] said, you might get even better results at 8x - I burn everything at 8x on my BenQ DW1655 because it’s never worse than at higher speeds but it’s often better than at higher speeds.

I would’ve put SB on for unknown media as well, and then tried them at 8x or 12x - I rarely burn at 16x (or 18x) except for testing purposes.

Me too :iagree: , but since MCC03RG20 is known by the firmware, the relevant SolidBurn setting in this particular case is the setting for known media. :wink:

Haha, good point! :wink: (you can tell how often I use my BenQ(s) for burning, ROTFL).

I’d be interested to see an 8x burn though :iagree:…I don’t think burning at 8x is such a hardship if it makes for a good burn.

I’ve taken a leaf out of Drage’s book and burn at 8x for the most part myself too. :slight_smile:

Ohh… Moser Baer’s great quality control strikes back! :clap:
[I]- Irony off -[/I]

I’ve had a few MII Verbatims that had problems at the end if written at 16x.
Surprisingly, I’ve had much more luck with their own media.

I’m seriously worried about Verbatim DVD+R DL. I wonder whether they can continue produce high quality DVD+R DL in India… :confused:

[I]EDIT: Corrected link. Thanks [B]DrageMester[/B]![/I]

That’s a thoroughly evil trick, kg_evilboy! :iagree:
Linking back to this very thread. :bigsmile:

Looks like I wasn’t the only person to misplace my thinking head in this thread :bigsmile:

Here’s the 4th disc out of the spindle, 2nd disc with solidburn on at 12x.

Since solidburn looks like it’s doing a good job on learning more for MII mcc03rg20, just a tip for others using solidburn - perhaps clear any previous cmc/prodisc made in taiwan mcc03rg20 and let solidburn learn for moser baer made mcc03rg20.

I’ll do an 8x solidburn on tomorrow.

You are right on! :wink:

Yup, I’d agree there too, with the 3 different Verbie manufacturers :iagree:

^Erm… how about the drive? Don’t those toothbrush PIF spikes show up at the end of any 1640 16X burn?

@OP - do you have a 1650, 1655 or a Pio drive to burn these discs in?


That’s not what they look like… :wink: - besides, these happen only with [B]+R[/B] 16X media, and MCC 03RG20 is [B]-R[/B]. :wink:

See examples of the “toothbrush effect” with 1640/16X/+R, very different figures…


^Ah, thanks for the correction, Frank. My mistake.

I think I promised an 8x burn a while back.

Same settings as past 3 or so MCC03rg20 burns - SB on, OS off, WOPC on.

Seems these Made in India Moser Baer stuff is alright at 8x. Just a shame it gets sold as 16x.