Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 Quality



Greetings. This would be my first post on the forum. (no, I’m definitely not new, I just haven’t posted here before hehe) :wink: Anyway, like everyone else here, I’m very picky about the media I use. Lately it’s almost impossible to find media made in Japan at the stores. Seems everyone’s following suit, and re-branding cheaper stuff… (CMC magnetics, Prodisc puke) Since it’s increasingly difficult to find my normal Japanese made TY -R media (certain Fuji, certain Maxell), I’ve turned to these Taiwan made 16x Verbatim DVD-Rs. I’ve always liked Verbatim / Mitsubishi Chemicals in the past, as they’ve treated me right. Just wanted to know if anyone’s had experience with these. The manufacturer ID is: MCC 03RG20 (Mitsubishi Chemicals), made in Taiwan.
I’m guessing that they’re pretty good quality, but feedback’s always nice. :smiley: Thank you for any input.
As long as I’m here, I’ll tell a short story. Maybe it’ll make you chuckle, maybe it won’t. Here we go: I’m at Wal-Mart buying CD-Rs, because they’re one of the only places around me that still carries Taiyo Yuden (Maxell CD-R Pro, Made in Japan) CD-Rs. Anyway, there’s an older lady looking at the CD-Rs, and she asked me if I could help her. She told me she wanted to backup important data, as well as family photos, and genealogy information. Immediately I directed her to the best CD-Rs they had to offer: Maxell CD-R Pro, which are Japanese Taiyo Yuden, and showed her what to look for on the label etc. Now for the chuckle (hopefully): Some guy happened to see what I was recommending to her, and automatically butts in to disagree. He tells her to buy of all things MEMOREX, and that the other ones are bad! ahaha I wouldn’t take a crap on those things, much less backup important data. Of course, I had to be nice, and tried to educate the guy about Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs, and why this kind lady should buy them instead. Of course he disagrees still, and says I’m wrong. Guess there’s no cure for ignorance. By the way: the little old lady took my advice, and bought the CD-R Pros. She completely dusted that other guy haha. Hope you enjoyed my story. I’ll charge you later for it. :wink:


Hi :slight_smile:

Your story rings a bell here, I found myself in a similar situation a couple of times :bigsmile:

I’m happy with Verbatim MCC03RG20 (Verbatim DatalifePLus 16x).

On my Pioneer 109 I get better burns with these than with MCC02RG20 (Verbatim DatalifePLus 8x) but others don’t get this difference.

Nevertheless, PIE/PO/PIF errors are higher (still with my Pioneer 109) with these Verbatims than with my TYG02 (unbranded bought from SVP). But they’re WELL within specifications: PIE < 25, PIF < 4.
TYG02: PIE < 12, PIF < 4 (but with a total PIF count under 100, while with the Verbatims the total PIF count is around 230).

Both medias work fine in my DVD player and in my standalone players (Pioneer DV-535, JVC DR-M10). Haven’t tried neither to record in the JVC DR-M10, I use 4x medias for this purpose (Ridisc purple 4X).

Haven’t tried 16x TYs yet, so I can’t make a comparison. I’d bet they kickass.

If you’re happy with 8x media, you may buy TYG02 online, they come much cheaper than in stores :cool: . I bought mine from SVP

Cheers :slight_smile:


i like the +R 16x Verbs better for my PX-716As:

some of these are with older than 1.07 firmware and some are with PR OFF…which ones… i can’t remember, but most attachments should contain details…

this one with PoweRec OFF:

funny story…that’s why i refrain from “educating” people about media…lest i lose my temper with someone…


MCC03RG20 is OK but TYG02 is better: less PIE and PIF. Overall the burns are still within limits.

hmm… if there is walmart then probably there is bestbuy/compusa within the area? Or why not order from


Quoting drpino:
“lest i lose my temper with someone”

See what you mean :bigsmile: :bigsmile:




Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 @ Best Buy this week for $9.99 per 25 pack

Hey, thanks for the replies. :slight_smile: I’ve ordered media in the past, but I’m so used to being able to pick up decent media in the stores around me, so it’s just out of habit that I look I guess. I’ll have to take a look at, as I’ve never ordered from them. Yes, I’m in the U.S., and there’s CompUSA near by, as well as Best Buy. Unfortunately, the CompUSA, and Best Buy around me don’t seem to carry TY -R discs anymore. Best Buy used to carry the Japanese TY Fuji DVD-Rs, but lately they’re all Taiwan. :frowning: As far as CompUSA goes, they must be ignorant or something, because they don’t carry TY either. They’re only carrying Memorex, Sony, etc. I purchased two of the Verbatim 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 25 packs at Best Buy today, as they were on sale for $9.99. (sale’s on all week) I’ll definitely have to check out when I run out of these though.


i just got some Best Buy coupons in the mail for the last 4 days of this week…one was 10% off computer accessories including blank media so check your mail if interested…


Are you sure for computer accessories? I just got two 10% coupons in the mail,

  • for comp software 19.99 and up etc,
  • for TV 399 and up DVD players etc,
    – last coupon is for the Reward Zone bonus points


these are the ones i got…2nd image is the pertinent one and contains “blank digital media” under Computer Products :iagree: do you need rewards zone membership to use it? doesn’t say that you do…though i do see the little credit card in the bottom left corner…oh and it does say “any single item” …booooooo:(


Darn, where is the envelop? [zevia rushed to the trash bin]

Edit: no computer accs coupon! :sad: Oh well, at least I got the Reward Zone bonus points coupon. :stuck_out_tongue:


heheheh, what happened to your diet?

i’ve been good…haven’t purchased media in almost 2 months…


Best Buy hates me. No coupons. :frowning:


I passed the 2 months period so a little sugar is probably ok…? lol


heh, i’d say so zevia…i’m weaning myself off the addiction…if i can go 2 months i can go til i truly need more, right? right? nevermind…don’t answer that…

@superhitachi4, do you have a good color printer? i can scan both sides for you :wink:


haha would probably be better than my IOUs in crayon. :x


Sweet, I’m glad to know now that the maxel cdr pros at walkmart are TY. There’s no BB or CompUSA here, unfortunatly. :frowning: But I work at walmart, and I will be getting my 10% discount on payday when I buy their entire stock of those cd-r’s, yay! after all the stores here stopped carrying fujifilm cd-r in 50 pack cakebox, I gave up and lost hope. Thought only online ordering could keep me supplied. So thank you, you made my day.

Oh and the educating thing. I like going into places like CC, BB, CompUSA etc. Just browse around and listen to a sales rep suggest media to a customer. Wait till the rep goes away and then tell the customer the right media to buy, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have only seen 1 kind of ty media at walmart, there was a 50 pack cd=r for 20 bucks


Another B&M store chain that carries Maxell CD-R Pros is Staples.


The Walmart stores around me have two types of TY CD-Rs: Maxell CD-R Pro (available in 25 packs), and the Maxell CD-R Color Music. <—make sure it says “music”, and has the normal made in Japan label (as all TY media should). The reason I say to make sure it says “music”, is there’s a spindle that looks almost identical but isn’t TY. Probably Ritek, but I can’t vouch for that, as I haven’t purchased them. Guessing Ritek because I’ve purchased a similar pack of Maxell which turned out to be Ritek. Oh, by the way: You’re welcome kwkard hehe. :slight_smile: