Verbatim 16X DVD+R in the 3500? (MCC 004)

Found them on an Aussie site for 32 bucks for $ 25.00, they are the printable type.

Has anyone used them in the ENC-3500, if so how well do they burn?

I asume they are MCC 004?


Media Forum section is the place to ask this kinda questions… :wink:

BTW, here is one linkand an other on burn speed and quality :cool:

But but…It is a NEC question, not a media one :stuck_out_tongue:

41.67%, sounds like it’s pretty darn good, might order a couple of spindles, thanks 4 the link. :cool:

I have used them in my 3500AG. They are MCC004. There are a couple of threads in here showing off results. My burn was about 6 minutes…read perfect. I don’t have a kprobe drive, so I didn’t have error checking results.

MCC 004 work very nicein the 3500.