Verbatim 16X DVD+R discs

Is anyone using the Verbatim 16X discs with the LiteOn 16X drives? I was wondering what the results were. has them for about 86 cents a disc right now.

My Verbatim 16x from works fine at 12x. Has a spiking of errors towards the very end at 16x. Drive used was a 1213S@1633S with BS0H. (maybe a real 1633S will do better? I dunno)

I doubt that ^^;;

My CS02 burn looked a lot like rd’s BS0G burn. My BS0H burn was much better, but still unreadable at the outer edges. Both rd’s drive and mine are 1213S@1633S (or @1653S in the case of CS02).

Have been burning them on NEC3500, Liteon 1633s, and Benq1620…the burns on the liteon are worst by a wide margin :Z

Not even the verbatim 12x (mcc003) works very well. :confused:

This is a scan of verbatim 12x burn with the mcc003 media

hey how do the verbatims burns at slower speeds such as 8x ina 1663?

MCC003 is listed as 8x in the BS0K firmware. Yet, your CD Speed scan seems to indicate that the burn was attempted at 12x.

I tried a 2 a few hours ago. I don’t know how the burns would look on a scan, but they played without any problems in my Denon 2200 player. They were mcc004 discs. And burned the full disc in under 6 minutes. Is that the normal speed for burning at 16X?