Verbatim 16x DVD+R Blank Not Recognized



Newbie to this forum.

I have installed the 3520A in my new computer, then flashed successfully with Dee’s latest, about two weeks ago.

I bought Verbatim 16x DVD+R from Meritline after checking recommendations and compatibility on this site.

The blanks are not recognized. I tried using older 2.4X DVD+RW Memorex, which are recognized, and can be formatted, erased, burned and read.

What am I not seeing here?



I dumped and re-flashed with beta 3 of Liggy’s FW.

I still can’t open it from My Computer. Properties shows no available space. I can’t format with InCD (or erase).

I ran CD DVD Speed, and got what I think are great results:

Max burn at 16.03x
Avg. burn at 11.77x
Disc recognized by Disc Info as Verbatim MCC 004
Book Type DVD-ROM
ScanDisc was perfect
Read at 16.03x/11.98x

I burned 2.8 GB to the disc through Nero ROM in 4 minutes. Now the “CD-ROM” on My computer at least show 2.8 gigs of data on the disk.

I guess all will work, but I would love to have a blank disk show up under my computer…


Keep in mind that I’m new at this DVD stuff.
Looks like you’re not clear on RW and R, My Computer can show you a writeable media for RW, not R, I’m fairly sure about this but if anyone can comment pls do. And 16x is not RW, the max for that is 4x I think.
Also try to use only Nero for your burns, both RW and R. The InCD and built in MS functions are known to give mixed results. Nero will always give you the best chance you can get. Hope this helps.


InCD will never recognize a +R disc. It only works with rewriteables

From Nero website: (Link

  1. How do I use or launch InCD?

Please use the following link and download the InCD User Guide. This will assist you in installing and using our InCD software: User Guide InCD 4

InCD uses only rewritable discs (CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, DVD-RW). You can use it like a floppy from your Windows Explorer or from ´My Computer´.
Discs which can only be written to once (CD-R, DVD+R or DVD-R) cannot be used with InCD.

I would suggest reading the support page at Nero on how to properly use this application. No need frustrating yourself on the impossible :confused: :frowning: :a

Enjoy - :smiley:


Thanks and regards!

My computer shows a “CD-ROM Drive”, most of the time. If I put a blank DVD+R in the drive, nothing changes. When I try to open the disk, I get the message “Not accessible”, thus my computer recognizes nothing.

I have not tried InCD when I get these issues. However, when I right-click on the loaded drive, then select either “InCD Format” or “InCD Erase”, I get a menu with “Start” grayed out. So I guess InCD doesn’t recognize the disk either.

When I leave the blank +R in the drive, open Nero and burn material onto the disk, it works fine. Then when I remove and replace the disk in the drive, it is recognized, although I still can’t use the right menu options “InCD Format” and “InCD Erase”.

Now if I remove the disk, the drive is a “DVD-RW Drive” in My computer.

And, yes, if I start with an RW disk, all options are available, unlike the +R disk.

So am I to understand that InCD has ‘taken over’ the management duties of the My Computer icon for this drive, that InCD recognizes only blanks for +RW, and that it won’t work with +R disks, blank or not? Should I leave InCD installed? Is there a way to select only certain options for InCD, and let the system automatically read the blank +R media, or let Nero open every time I put a blank in?



Uninstall InCD. In Nero StartSmart there’s a Configure button, bottom right, tick “Launch the appropriate Nero application when a disc is inserted”. Hope this helps.


I would like to be able to packet write when using +RW, and otherwise burn to disc once when creating audio/data files.

Surely there must be a way to select either, without permanently disabling one.


By “packet write” do you mean multi session? AFAIK Nero does that for both RW and R. You can test that to make sure before you uninstall InCD. I don’t think you’re losing any functionality by getting rid of it.