Verbatim 16X DVD+R 75 Pack 19.95AR + Ship



Sorry if this is a repost.
Print out the mail in rebate,
During checkout, enter code techbargains105 for an extra $10 off.
Too bad you have to pay for shipping.


nice find…thanks.


Except the rebate doesn’t appear valid at - see


diff rebate offer. the one you link to at rebateshq ended 1/31 and this one is from 1/15-2/15. personally don’t care as i’ve got a nice pile of MCC004 already.


That’s the rebate code (04-86092) on the pdf - and I don’t see a different one at the site. I’d hate to have the $30 rebate rejected and end up at $0.75 per disk. Something I’m missing?


not sure…don’t care…sorry.


lol - thanks - think I’ll just go with Dell - $32.67 including free shipping (AR) vs. $29.44 at Supermdiastore IF the rebate is honored.