Verbatim 16x DVD-R (50 pk): $11.99 AR at Newegg. Any good?

Yes it’s good. I would suggest to burn it at 12x.
It would be better if you can tell us what is your burner.

I’m looking at them as well, DVD Burner:

Mad Dog MD-16X3DVD9-8X

Anyone have an idea as to the Media code on these?

NEC-3500a, Plextor 740 (rebadged Benq 1640), and Matshita UJ-846 (in 20 inch Apple Imac Core Duo 2.0 gHz).

Also, are the 16x DVD-R Tayo Yuden (Sony at Staples) any good, in general, and specifically for my drives? (I can’t find the Tayo Yuden 8x DVD+R Sonys at my local Staples).

I’m Newegg’s [B]biggest[/B] fan, but hate rebates. For the $3.00 savings over the out the door price that shows up every other week here in So.Cal at Best Buy or OfficeDepot , It would make a difference if your ordering 4 or more with the free shipping they are offering. That’s like getting one free locally!

The media code on these should be “MCC02RG20”, and my results with these discs has been mixed. In general, I prefer Taiyo Yuden 8X +R and Verbatim 16X +R (MCC004).

mcnenter, I agree with you 100%. I, too, am a big fan of Newgg, but hate rebates.

For the drives I listed above, do you guys think the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R or Verbatim 16x +R would be better?

What about the Verbatim 16x -R (Sony at Staples)?

Both media you’re speaking of have been top choices across this board. Gotta make sure the Taiyo is genuine for the statement is to be true !
Which one is BEST will depend on YOUR burner and which firmware you’re using.
With my 3520, I’ve had great burns with the Verbatim + or - burned at 12x. The Fuji (Taiyo) 8x, I have will burn fine at 12x but the Verbs are [I]slightly[/I] better at that same speed. I purchase either based on price at this point, but have been finding the Verbatim on sale more often now, without having to check the board as to who is selling Taiyo’s packaged under another name this week. If you’re really stuck on this one, I’d buy some of each and test on your burner and playback machines. Wouldn’t be a waste to have the second place finisher of either of these!

MCC 03RG20. Also mixed results and better at 12X. Not as good as MCC 004 but both can come from either Prodisc or CMC and have minor variations that seem to mix up drives then “learn”.