Verbatim 16x DVD+R 100 Pack $18.99 AR



Newegg has 100 pack Verbatim 16x DVD+R for $18.99 after $13 rebate.
Today (Saturday, 03-31-07) is the last day to be elligable for the rebate.


Rebate pdf file

Shipping is FREE.

It’s beem $18.99 AR for several days.
I ordered before 1AM today when it was $19.99 AR.
Today, the same day, it’s back to $18.99 AR.


Out of stock.


Back in stock. Thats newegg for ya. Sometimes things like stock (or even prices) change frequently.


I took advantage of this deal and just received my spindle last week.
YMMV, but I am getting terrible scans in my BenQ 1650. Staples house
brand media burned cleaner. I’ve never gotten such bad results from
any Verbatims, and I’ve pretty much used them all (single layer, at least).

Could be a bad batch, or quality is slipping (I believe these were Prodisc).
Again, YMMV - just wanted to give a heads up.


Can you post some scans? :flower:


Note that the currently posted rebate expires March 31st.


I beleive this to be the issue with recent verbatims


Office Max has the 50 spindles for 12.99 this week so you can see what you get.:iagree:


The $12.99 for the Verbatim Spindle price tag is good deal sale fir top brand of DVD media.


Verbs have been my favorite for a long time butttt: recently I got a hundred 16x + printable and about 1 out of 4 have been true junk. The regular ones were fine but not the printables. I don’t know for sure where these verbs were made but I hope this isn’t a sign of something we are going to have to start watching for. I had just about quit testing these because they were always good then they started screwing up when playing. What’s up?


What is the media code for these printables and where they have been made?.


@TCAS MCC004 but I forget how to tell where they were made. Does the papa2 tell you?


Label right on the out of the cake shape container shows where the disc is made.


Tossed the outside label.


The media code shows the media is decent and good one but again depends also where is it being manufactured.


It’s the first and only time I got these results and I burned them on many different very good burners like the ones I have listed and my liteys-18A1p-20A1h and my LG and more. They are still what I look for cause I guess anyone can have a Monday morning king of production and I trust Verb over most anything else but maybe Tys.