Verbatim 16x DVD-R 100 for $20.99 at Newegg *MAIL-IN REBATE*

Newegg has 100-disc cakeboxes of Verbatim 16x DVD-Rs (evidently MCC 03RG20) this week end for $30.99 and free shipping. After a $10 mail-in rebate, they net out at $20.99.

It seems like Newegg is doing a lot of rebates. I don’t understand it. Nor do I understand people who think rebate=same as cash in hand.

I wish they would take whatever deal they make for the rebate (half the rebate price? after rip offs, and failed returns) and take it off the price and call it a normal sale.

The rebate is generally paid by the manufacturer, not the retailer. The promotion gets people to buy from the retailer, who gets all of its profit whether they get the rebate or not.

Yes, this $10 rebate is from Verbatim. I’ve sent off for several rebates from them and have had only one problem. They first rejected one but then reconsidered and paid it.

Here’s the rebate form for this deal:

I received the $8 MIR from the Verbatim DL rebate. So the rebate is reliable from Verbatim just that I dont like rebate. I bought a few spindles of +R from Office Depot for $20 per spindle of 100 and I am good to go for a long time. And this is the -R, burn is not as great as the +R on most burners. Nevertheless, great quality at good price for folks who is willing to go through the rebate. Amazon has similar price for the -R, just a few cent more for folks who have to pay tax at newegg.