Verbatim 16x certified DVD-R discs

I currently have a USB DVD writer that can write to DVD-Rs at 2.4x. If I buy Verbatim 16x certified discs (it doesn’t say “1x - 16x”, just “16x certified”), are they likely to work at 2.4x?

I don’t hold much stock in the “1x - 16x” as I have some Ricoh 1-16x DVD+Rs, which should work in that drive at 4x (I have some Imation 4x DVD+Rs which work at 4x) but only work at 2.4x.

(I’ve just noticed that Verbatim also do a 100 pack of DVD+Rs, 16x certified, for the same price, and after reading CDFreaks’ article on DVD-R versus +R, I’m inclined to go for the +R… still, question still stands)

Whether the Verbatim 16x certified will work only at 2x/2.4x or even not at all, depends on the firmwar of the drive. Go look for firmware updated on the drive manufacturers homepage and see if there are any newer firmwares.

Given the right firmware the Verbatim 16x certified media is capable of burning with excellent quality even at 1x speed, but it is really up to the drive and the firmware.

My LiteON Slimtype 431 SX USB drive has the most up-to-date firmware, but the firmware descriptions don’t tell me (like mobo BIOS firmware update information) what the update includes.

Usually when a mediacode is not on the firmware, the drive will write that disc at the lower speed. The problem is that in most of cases burning a media certified for a high speed can give bad results.

Most of high speed media should be written around their certified speed (16x media should be written @12x or @16x). A 16 media burned @2x can give a coaster.

good stuff!

Media code, like for example the imation disc having the ID “RICOHJPN” something?

(I find it funny that the Imation disc works better than the Ricoh disc I have, given the ID)