Verbatim 16x/8x

I would like to know if it’s safe to buy Verbatim 16x. Does the high recording speed affect burning? Is Verbatim 8x better than 16x?

Depends on your burner and it’s firmware.

Verbatim still manufactures their own 16X DVD media whereas their 8x media is being subcontracted out as far as I know.
If it’s made in Japan or Taiwan then whether it’s 8x or 16x I wouldn’t care as it’s probably very good.

I just got some 8x +R (Made in Japan) which are Taiyo Yuden T02 media so I was well pleased with that.

But as chef says it depends on your burner & firmware as to what will be best.

Those T02 Verbs are excellent. :iagree:…I have about 15 left of a 25-spindle, and they’re so good, I really don’t wanna use the rest except for really important stuff!


As suggested, please tell us your drive(s) and firmware. :slight_smile:

I’ve used the Verbatim 8x and 16x, and both are superb and personally I wouldn’t be concerned which ones I bought. As previously stated, burner and firmware make the differences more pronounced, but on my drive (NEC ND-3540A) both are excellent.

The Yuden T02’s are some of the best discs I’ve ever used - mine were under the Plextor brand in jewel cases - and the quality blew me away. If only I could still find them :sad:

Hi AK12,

I have used a variety of Verbatim media over the last 3-4 years and have always found them to be of very high quality. The TY made 8x Verbatims are almost impossible to find these days and Verbatim seem now to be sourcing their 8x media from RITEK :Z

I would therefore go with 16x MCC004 media as it is possibly the best 16x media on the market today and has good FW support from most burners. The 16x TY media is also very good but has not been around for too long and so FW support for it may be lagging behind Verbatim. I have used MCC004 Verbatim (made in India) and have found it to be generally very good indeed although some have commented on batch variability but that also seems to affect TY 16x media too.

My general rule of thumb is Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. Having said that I have had some very good burns on my Benq EW164B from HP branded 8x DVD+R media made by CMC (CMC MAG E01) that was a lot cheaper than Verbatim or TY.

If you do use Verbatim 16x media I would suggest burning at 12x as this seems to give better results than 16x.



Just bought 125 from Makro :bigsmile:

Whilst this generally true it does depend on the burner. For example the new NEC 4570 burns quite badly at 12x with the current firmware.

Yeah, T02’s are great. I was lucky enough to get mine from SVP (it was a toss-up between TY and MCC Verbs, they couldn’t say which I’d end up with), and I ended up with the TY ones. :bigsmile:

I can’t believe I only bought 25 of the things :doh:

That’s unfortunate - I’ve pretty much given up on finding any more of them, so I bought Plextor T03’s, even though I know they might not burn as well - but I wanted real quality.

I am not disputing this as you probably know more, but, I have seen post here from people who mentioned made in India and I thought it was for 16X. I also have two different batches of 16X MCC and they have significantly different stamped serial numbers, much the same as the Prodisc, CMC differences I saw with the 8X.

I have assumed that 16X Verbatim MCC was made by MBI, CMC, and Prodisc the same as the 8X ( I am aware of the Ritek that has shown up in EU). Do they have new factories for the 16X?


Back to you question, and welcome to the forum, what burner do you have? Generally MCC 004, the +R stuff, has proven to be better than the -R 16X. Also, there have been reports of declines in 8X Verbatim quality on both sides of the Atlantic. Given its discontinued status, I would avoid it.

At least in the US, the 16X is available for $30 per 100 on a regular basis.

Don’t bank on this. It’s only what I’ve picked up on this forum, News items I think.
Certainly the 16x +R media is clearly being sourced from Taiwan & India. The latter seems to be highly variable in quality.

Thanks for the replies.
I have a Pioneer DVR-110D (1.39) , Pioneer DVR-109 1.58 & LG GSA-4167B(DL13).

Correct, Verbatim, at present, does not manufacture their own 16X media. In fact, they don’t make ANY single layer media at their factory in Singapore, AFAIK! I’ve heard that there are small quantities of “made in Singapore” 16X MCC available in none other than… SINGAPORE! This is probably from an initial production run.

what did you buy from Makro?, as i’m going there shortly :smiley:
(did you still have to add VAT onto the price?)

Verbatim 8x +R in spindles of 25. Made in Japan they are TY T02. Price was £5.99 + VAT. It was last weeks offer, not sure if it still applies. Works out at £7.04 which might be a little expensive but where else can you get these.

I’ve used and trusted TY for a couple of years now, but reports of them being brittle and subject to poor bonding has me looking at Verbatim MMC media now.

From what I’ve read so far the best Verbatim discs have the MCC MID, and the best MCC media comes from MCC’s own manufacturing plant – not from some other plant like CMC where the quality can vary greatly from one batch to the next.

So my question is this:

Where is the best source (in the USA) to get Verbatim 8x or 16x white inkjet printable media manufactured by MMC?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

See post #14 above.

The best MCC media I have found is Verbatim 16X +R made by CMC, at Office Max. If you get the 50 pack with the lighter purple and the center top hub protrusion that is cylidrical, not tapered, that is CMC. You will have to cross your fingers on white inkjet as it will be hard to souce unless you can hold it.

See here:

If you are lucky, this will be exactly what you want:

Here is a burn from a BenQ 1655, at 12X:

Wow - that scan looks better than typical TY!

I was looking for an e-merchant that you can depend on; the two times I bought media from Newegg I got burned…

I’ll look for the recommended Verbatim next trip to Offic Max. :slight_smile:

How ? What happened ??