Verbatim 16x 50 pk $14.99 at US OfficeMax B&M

For those looking for good media in US. I went to an Office Max in Redwood City, CA, on Monday evening and saw verbs 50 pack for 14.99. Not sure if it is nationwide. I know they don’t have a weekly ad this week; so it could be just a Mgr special.

Even better if you get one of the paper grocery bags out of the sunday paper that gives 15% off.

They’re listed as $39.99 on the web site. Would they be on sale nationwide in the stores, but not on the web site?

Well I went to the local OfficeMax in Newnan, GA. The sale price of $14.99 was displayed on the shelf but the shelf was EMPTY. I asked the salesperson if they had any more in stock, he checked and there were none.

BUT he gave me RAINCHECK on two cake packs at the sales price. He said they should be in next week, Tuesday/Wednesday and they will call me.