Verbatim 16X 25-Pack +R & -R $11.99

Verbaitm 25-Pack 16X 4.7GB, +R and -R, on sale for $11.99 at Micro Center from 5/2 to 5/22/05.

don’t forget pricematching at best buy and staples and shopko… in each place you will get another 10% :slight_smile:

Links for those who are lazy :slight_smile:
16x 4.7GB DVD-R Discs
16x 4.7GB DVD+R Discs

Anyone know what Best Buy’s price match is, I couldn’t find it online?

Best Buy in store price match

Was at Sam’s last weekend.
They had verbatim 50 pack DVD +/- R for $22.99 regular price.
Don’t recall if these were 8X or 16X. But this was the regular price.

here is what i got out of bestbuy and staples last time it was cheap

cnlson, you are the man when it comes to squeezing it out for a little cheaper. I have to admit that I have done the same in other ways but never really got into the 110% price match thing. Thiers no reason that we shouldn’t take advantage of it though. Spending 1hr tormenting prepubesent managers because they are incompetent can be fun. Hey, if it takes them 1hr to realise that it is thier police and you are right, I say torment them as much as possible!!! If that seems mean, let me say, I work retail (for 4 years after I hurt my back) and some of these dumb shits deserve it. At my work I can solve almost any problem you could imagine within 5 minutes (granted, the manegerial structure is difrent). The same concept still applys though. If I think that you are trying to get one over on me, I can easilly make a 5 minute transaction take 30-40 minutes and justify it to managment. I just take advantage of policys or proceedure that are usally ignored (but still can be used). I am so surounded by morons (not that all my peers at work are morons, only 20-30% so at leats 1-2 on any given shift) are. I say, if they are wrong, if they are dumb asses and do not understand, feel free to torture them. It helps pass the time till you convince them you are right!!!

I just price matched the Micro Center ad at Circuit City. There was no hesitancy on their part and I was able to purchase 4 25-pack spindles at $9.69 per pack.

It’s as cheap as most 8x media goes on sale for if you do the price match thing so not a bad deal for some pretty good media.


that’s the best price so far…
just bought 3 at 11.99

best buy was 19.00

Thanks for posting this rjih. I saw this on Microcenter’s website several days ago, and I was certain that they didn’t have this media that cheap (they had it for $19.99) when I bought my PX-716SA drive there at the end of last month. Since this promo started on 5/2, my memory did serve me correctly. Microcenter is truly the best computer retail store–their prices are great on the things I’ve seen, and their selection is the best for a retail store. They are what CompUSA should be.

do all verbatim discs have their logo tatooed in the middle of the spindle?

i got some of these Verbatim x16 +.
my nec 3520 does OK with them but not the BEST scans.
My TY’s (both - and +) are much better.
also found that on these discs i get better burns at x8.

did a few more burns with these … at x12 got best results.

8x 16x was 20 for $14.94

I burnt them on my BenQ1620 pro at 16x quality was 99

could be benQ does better job on these.

What’s the MID & where are they made?

The ones I have gotten are mcc 004 and are made in taiwan. If I am not mistaken, thats the most common if not the only thing that you are going to find in the US.