Verbatim 16X + - 100 Spindles at Sam's Club $41.63



Verbatim 16X 100 spindles + - at Sam’s Club $41.63.


At my Sam`s club they are Inkjet printable.

Media code MCC 03RG20
Other threads say they are made by CMC.
The Media works well in NEC 3500 with 2.19 firmware but has not been incorporated into Plex or Benq firmwares.



Are you sure that they are 16x dash. That is a great price. I was there last week and they had the 8x dash for 39.95, maybe the Sams in my area is different. Thanks for the headsup


Yes 16X -R I have them on my desk as I type. My Sam`s is in Exton PA.

They are not even listed on their website.



Yea they are. You are right 100


Anybody got a scan on these disks yet.


I hate you US folk :frowning:


Thanks for the tip.

How did you break your dongle?

I like your Signature statement; sounds like NLP.

Have you tried these disks?


old news, check out the original thread


How is your listed link the “original thread” on this item if it is only 5 days old?

This thread predates your link by several days.


Click on the Sams Club link, the picture is 16x media but if you read the specs they are only 8x. Sorry I clicked on the wrong link. They are 16x and they still have in stock in N.J.


walmart is a very gay company :smiley:

i wouldn’t trust one thing they sell.


Sams Club,(owned by Walmart) has good buys on many items, compared to the competition.


They are branded 16x inkjet printable Verbs, MCC media code.


I burned some in my px-712 and they seem alright only list at 8x in this one but should do better after media code is updated. At 8x it took 8:37 for an 3.91gig movie. Not quite 100% of disk space. PI total was 4058 pif total was 22. pi peak was 44 pif peak was 2. Thats all I have done so far but they seem ok. I havent tried in my liteon yet but i let yall know of need to


Yesss…unfortunately they (Walmart) do this by ‘unfair’ price competition (loss leading? I am less concerned about that, I consider all retailers sc*m$ucking leeches) and paying their illegally overworked employees poverty wages. :a
At least the Sam’s employees are a tad more happy looking than any I have seen at Walmart…

Anyhooo, I don’t have a scan handy, but I am checking these out: Over 10 burns, with kprobe scans, I have found they are as good as the 8x discs when burnt at 8x, not as good as the 8x when burnt at 12x, and I didn’t like the results at all when burnt at 16x…these are the +R’s, and YES i have updated firmware on my new litey. I am considering returning this spindle and waiting until the media gets better.


I agree with you on the Walmart labor views, but I don’t see where I can do anything about it.

What burner are you using?

I am using an LG 4163B, and it does very well with these discs.

No scanning available with it though.


SAMS has good prices only on some items. I don’t know how many things I’ve priced at Sam’s, then gone next door to Wal-mart and Wal-mart had the same item for cheaper. :frowning: I’ve found that Sams actually overcharges on comparable items if you don’t watch them carefully. For example, they charge $22.61 here for a 50pk Verbatim DVD+R/-R. That’s not a bad price, but when Best Buy and other places put those on sale regularly for $19.99/ea., and with Sam’s purchasing power…those should be about $18.00 normally priced, in reality.

Verbatims seem to burn best in a BenQ 1620 and 1640. While the PIE values are very good at 8x and 12x, the PIF is inexplicably high when burned in a Plextor px-716a…although the beta and jitter values are among some of the best I’ve seen. So, I don’t think it’s the media per se…it’s the burner’s fw. In case of the px-716, it needs serious improvement on the MCC003 write strat, although the BenQ1620 and 1640 nail it and give burns comparable to yuden000t02 or OEM TY.


Be careful buying 8x Verbs, there are posts now saying Verbs are coding out as CMC Mag.


Well, not a surprise, since the consensus is even while they were mid’ing as MCC003, etc., that either Prodisc (had a + or - on the inner hub serial #) or CMC were making them for Verbatim. I guess it just depends which CMC MAG they end up as, as some CMCs are better than others.