Verbatim 12x (mcc003)

just curious, bought some verbatim 8x(mcc003) compatible with 12x hardware disks…check them out in dvdinfopro with nec3500 and liteon1633s and manufacturer rating speed only to 8x.

So am curious as to what drives these disks maybe used with. I understand I can use omnipatcher with my liteon drives, but they have that nice orange label on the spindle packaging up to 12x :slight_smile:

they should be able to burn at 12X in any good quality 16X burner. from my own experience I can tell you that they will burn at 12X in my Plextor 712A and my BenQ 1620.

ok, so did dvdinfo pro have the write strategy for 12x on the benq and plextor 712 firmware showing up??