Verbatim 100pk DVD+R for $33 shipped

get 'em here!

American deal only. Not sure of the MID but probably OK for the price. Since I only buy TY you’ll have to discover MID yourselves :slight_smile:

UPDATE: take that down $5 with a coupon, I suspect it works on DVD media…
$5.00 off $50.00 Valid in Electronics Store! : Code 85094736
So you could get 'em for $28 shipped. That’s a pretty good deal for this media.

but it’s less than $50 dollars so you’d have to buy 2?

If you apply for their credit card you get 30.00 off so it will only be 2.99 shipped, thats pretty good for 100 MCC-003.

How fast can you cancel their credit card after application? :slight_smile:

It is a no fee application with no annual fees. If you qualify you never even have to use it.

don’t think i would sign up for a credit card just to buy some dvd’s :bigsmile:

Credit card business should be nationalized. :frowning:

I would sign up for any CC to save $30. Last year I made over $500 from companies doing just thesame thing, some of them local banks.

It adds up. You know what they say in D.C.; “…a million here a million there, pretty soon you’re talking real money”.