Verbatim 100pck DVD+R and DVD-R

I recently purchased a Panasonic DVD Recorder. This week, my local Officemax is offering $6 trade in credit on ink cartridges with a purchase. I stopped by today and saw that they have 100packs of 16x DVD-Rs (orange box made in India) and 100packs of 16x DVD+R (purple box made in Taiwan) for $24.99. I’ve read that made in Japan is the best, but difficult to find in mass market stores. I’m a newbie when it comes to brands of blank DVD’s, since I’ve never used thm. I just know to stay away from generic and off-brands. All I will use these for is to record tv shows on my dvd player. They will not be used in the computer. I just don’t want any coasters. Should I get DVD-R or DVD+R? Will these Verbatim’s suffice for my general recording needs?

The modern Panasonic dvd recorders can use either + or - disks. I prefer the Verbatim 16x +R disks for my computer drives. Very good media.

The Taiwanese made Verbatim are some of the most recommended media around here. We have some members who also like the Indian made Verbatims, so, really, either should work for you.