Verbatim 100 +R 8X Supermedia, $25 Sorry about the rebate

These should be MCC 003, plus shipping.

Yes, I got a box and am hoping the rebate actually comes through - mine were made in taiwan, CMC produced MCC 003. So far no coasters in the batch and nice burns. Serial number of one was PAHA15JE7053709 in the batch I got. They didn’t seem to burn as well as the last box of MCC 003 I had, but still quite good.

Those are as good as any I have seen on my BenQ. Glad they worked out.

The last batch (see the attached scan) I had was a touch better- this was my first order from supermediastore. They shipped fast, but I didn’t get an email confirmation (so didn’t know it shipped, which was a bit strange). Burned at 12x, WOPC on.

@ Dalen Quaice:

Wow!! That’s FANTASTIC for a 12x burn. Hmm … I guess I’ll have to look into the MCC 003’s. Btw, which MCC’s are these (your last scan)? CMC produced MCC’s also (MIT)? Do MCC’s have batch codes to identify them like TYG02 (095,103,110), etc.? If so, care to share which that was from?

I’ve yet to use Verb’s, but judging from a lot of praise in this forum for their quality scans and longevity, I may have to seriously consider adding them to my media buy list. :wink:

A friend of mine got me started on Verbs. I was into RicohJPNR01, but I had problems getting those so found some Verbs on sale and bought them on recommendation.

The batch before was CMC produced MIT with serial PAHA13JA21222832 that I bought at Best Buy in a 50 pack for $19.95 on sale. My experience has been that discs in the smaller packs almost always burn a few % points better than those in the 100 pack (I’ve had the same experience with MCC 004 16x Verbs) so it might be wise to wait for sales on the smaller packs and stock up then. I almost always get a box at Best Buy when they have them on special.

How much was the shipping charge from Supermedia? I’ve checked their rates and they seem a bit high. Many other online retailers either have free shipping or discount shipping.

Not the highest I’ve seen, but not the lowest either - $8.09 for UPS ground.

You have to keep watching if you want to catch supermedia or meritline with free shipping. They do it rarely. Shop4tech does it more often on media. Amazon also has these on sale from time to time for $30 with free shipping as well.