Verbatim 100 +R 8X, $23 delivered, Newegg. Sorry, Rebate

These should be MCC 003.

All things considered that is a pretty good deal.

My local Sam’s Club has these for $29.99, no rebate. I think I would rather do that than take a chance on a rebate. I am really getting tired of rebates.

on EDIT: What I actually did was purchase 100 Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC004) for $36 plus tax at the same Sam’s Club. I know they go on sale occassionally for $30, but I needed some. MCC004 has become my favorite media, even surpassing YUDEN T02.

No argument there. I get my MCC 004 at Office Max for the same $30 per 100. on sale. They are my second choice after T02s; the T02s are so boring. I get perfect results on all my burners except the NEC 4570.

BTW, anyone with an LG 4166 should try the MCC 003s. I get better burns than the T02s.

Henry: Sams Club is the best place for Verbatim media in the whole country. The one in Freehold had an instore sale on the 8x+ MCC003 for 9.99 for 50, I have so many I had to close my eyes and leave the store before I bought them all. The 16X+MCC004 Prinables were 39.99 for 100, I have never seen better prices anywhere.

I just finished my last spindle of these, but find they’re now discontinued. :sad:

[B]AND[/B] these days people in the forum are saying the[B] Verbatim quality is essentially not there now. [/B]

I had more problems w/TY than this lot of Verbatims.

[B][I]Any suggestions?[/I][/B]

Some people in the forum have been reporting that Verbatim dvd+r QC is slipping… probably no better than non-azo dye discs… Can someone update on whether that’s true or not?

Send me PM I can arrange 100-200 of Verb 8x +R

:bigsmile: anybody else realize this post was from 2006

[QUOTE=dave.evill;2687756]:bigsmile: anybody else realize this post was from 2006[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=dave.evill;2687756]:bigsmile: anybody else realize this post was from 2006[/QUOTE]

:eek: :eek: :eek:

*(me wonders what JC is charging for those 100-200 discs-eh??)

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