Verbatim 100 pk $20 no rebates sam's club

my local sam’s club has verbatim 8x 100 pk spindles for $20.30 i picked up 2 but they had many more.

sku 134452

do you have the media code? are they made in japan? thanks .

They are made in Taiwan and they are very good discs for a great price. I just paid 34.00 for the same thing at Newegg this week.

haven’t cracked them but they should be mcc 003 and burn excellent @12x in most decent burners

Online shows $40.78. If I get into town this week, I’ll check in the store.

Store pricing is independant of the online pricing.

Yes, and each Sam’s has a different ‘buyer’ who purchases for each store, so that Sam’s may only be a local deal and nowhere else, due to this. A dept. manager of a store explained this to me, and that explains why I could go to other Sam’s in a 60 mile radius and not find all the same items at my local one. For example, 100 pks of Verbatims DVD+R/-R are $41.63 in Temple, but the 50 pks are like $14.78 and the tag reads ‘one time buy.’ Also, check the tag–if it has an “A” at the end of the tag item number (look at the bottom right hand corner), it is an “Active” item, not to be discontinued. However, when they run out and get more of an Active item, I’ve found the price usually increases in many cases.

saw those also but the 8x were cheaper :wink:

I am going to check my local two Sam’s just in case, why not?
However, the only time I bought the 100pk of 8X Verbs, (from Newegg) they didn’t match up in quality with those in the 50pks I had been buying for most of last year, radically different quality, not good. Bad batch, perhaps, but that has never happened to me with any of the 8X.

The thing is, I noticed that on the outer band of the 50pks of MCC003’s it says: (above the UPC, towards the top) c Verbatim Corporation 2004, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation - Now, this was on ALL of the ones I ever bought from Sam’s, but not on some of the same from, say, BB…and not on the 100pk.

Anyone know what the deal is with that?

I was in my local Sam’s Club last night. The Verbatim 8X DVD+R are $39.95 in the 100 spindle, and $14.95 in the 50 spindle.

Went to the other one a little further away, same thing.
That really don’t make sense tho, and neither does the fact that I will swear that the ones in the 50pks are better quality…

Only a matter of time before they DO go on clearance tho, but then, you can get 16X Verbs from Microcenter for 14.99 a 50pk…

the +R should be MCC003 and the -R should be MCC20RG. Mine MCC003 burn worse than my CMC MAGE01, bought on for $30 a year back for 100. I still have some left. I guess I have a bad batch.

Dam, thats a good deal, I have to be nice to my X-GF since she has the membership to Sams. I only have membership to Costco

I’ve been seeing some great scans on MCC004’s in other threads.

The MCC 004s I got from Office Max on sale for 12.99USD for 50 are the best VERBS I have ever had. I get a consistant 98QS with a PIF of under 200 on a steady basis with my BenQ drives, and if my Nec 4550 could scan they would probably be good also.

The MCC004’s sound like they could rival the TY’s. Why do you have so many DVD drives (unless you have a home and business network).

The drives are so cheap and I have a tower that can hold 5 internal drives, my son has a computer with 3 drives (2 internal) 1 external. They all are different, I like the BenQ drives the best, but I am looking forward to the new Plextor 760A (18X+) writing.

Ummmmm because he’s a CD Freak?! :iagree: lol

Just a note, I have MCC004 media form a couple different sources. 50’s that I got at BB when they were on sale, adn 10 packs that I got at Staples when they ran that deal, and they burn about the same. I do, however, find that they burn a bit better in my NEC 3500 at 12X. I’m also finding that my TY G03 16X-r burn better at 12X too. Could just be my rig and the fact that I never shut down the AV when burning. Perhaps I should play with that a bit.