Verbatim 100 pack 16x DVD $22.99 @ Officemax



Was just scanning for media deals and saw Verbatim 100 pack 16x DVD +/- R’s for $22.99 at Officemax [good 11/30 to 12/06]. Haven’t bought any Verbatim DVD+r 's in a while and wondering what to look for. Hear some of their newer product isn’t as good as the older stuff.

Managed to pick up 2 50-packs of Memorex DVD+r’s for $7.99ea at BB Friday night, haven’t opened them up yet to see what they are. Last few packs of Memorex were Ricoh JPN03 and worked well in my NEC burner.



Most important IMO - is to make sure you get “Made In Taiwan” packages-eh!!

(I find that the +R 16x MCC 004’s burn best in my burners and at 8x write speed)


delete my post… i linked to 22 dollar Verbatim’s (on but i noticed after i posted here that it’s one of those 8dollar mail in rebate things which no one likes messing with so that’s why i wish i never posted now… so if u wanna mess with that you can get em here…


Yep… unless it’s for some insane amount and a discount unavailable elsewhere I avoid rebates like the IRS.


It’s on sale in my area for $22.99. Until Dec. 6th. No rebate or any strings attached.


Yep, here also at Office Max. 22.99 for 100, all MIT.


Did anyone check the DL? Last time, the DL was unadvertised, but also on sale.