Verbatim 100 pack 16X at Sam's Club

My brother’s mother-in-law is coming back to Egypt from Nashville TN and my brother asked me if he could send me anything with her (other than the 2x50 pack of Sony T02 that he got me 9 month ago :stuck_out_tongue: ) .
He is a member of Sam’s Club and I was browsing Sam’s site and saw Verbatim DVD+R media in 100 pack (printable and normal) the printables are 3$ cheaper :

Anybody has experience with those ?

Both should be good :slight_smile:
However I would recommend the 8x instead, as the 8x are becoming more and more scarce.

Thank you for your reply kg :slight_smile:

I will tell him to look for the 8X , but I am not sure because he already looked for 50 packs of 8X that were sold for about 8-10$ and he didn’t find any at the clubs near him . Maybe 100 packs are available

I get better results burning the 16x than 8x, fairly consistently.

Not that the 8x is bad, but the 16x is better for me, on a Benq 1655 and a NEC 3500A, unlike TY, where the 8x is better.

I’ve gotten great results with the 8x -R media.

But I have also gotten great results with the 16x discs as well. I would tell him to get some if they are on special. They should be ok.

Test done with two identical DVD-R 16X Verbatim. Not really identical in fact cause the first one is made in TAIWAN & the second one made in INDIA :

I know that Sam’s in Louisville Ky (about 150-200 miles north of Nashville) do not have any 8x Verbatim in 50 or 100 count cakes and have not had for quite some months. Just checked two stores yesterday. A relative checked in Lexington and none there either. Lots of 16x in the 100 cakes though. I’ve used several cakes of those in the inkjet printables and they have been (MAP6) if DVD-R or (PAPA) if DVD+R. Quality has been just a slight notch below what I get from 50 packs purchased at BestBuy. May just be my luck though. :slight_smile: Good luck and happy hunting to your brother.

Looks like you burnt @ 16x? I would definitely stay away from that speed with both those MCC004 types, the jitter rises a lot near the end as does the PIE. Typical example of quality going down as speed increases towards the end.

You’re right cd pirate, stay away from that speed! Used only for the two speficied tests.

Test done with a Samsung SH-S182M. Media burnt : DVD-RAM Verbatim 5X. I don’t know for you guys, but it’s hard to find DVD-RAM with higher speed!