Verbatim 100 8x DVD+R for $29.99 shipped AR



There’s a rebate involved but $30 for these media if it’s MCC003 is very good.

I would get it if I didn’t have 250+ TY blanks left.




This is a REAL savings on great media for those of you who need 8x +R medias-



i really like those too, but i just hate doing rebates anymore.

i forget to fill them out most of the time.

i’ll wait for bestbuy to put them on sale again :stuck_out_tongue:


Microcenter still has Verbatim 8x DVD+R’s for $19.50 for a 50 pack spindle just as an FYI - Of course, there is still shipping with that but considering there is no rebates involved it’s not a terrible deal.


yeah that’s not bad either. this is a tough call.


gonna have to go with the 100pk. that deal is too good.


They processed my rebate very fast. I would risk it again if I hadn’t already stocked up on TY for less. I was disappointed with the -R Verbatim and I want to see how well the +R works.


i just got done with a 50pk of the +R and not 1 coaster :slight_smile:
i’m going to be buying more of these in the future.