Verbatim 1-4X DVD+RW (10 pack cakebox) Surprising Bad Results



Dear Friends,

Recently I bought the above mentioned media and done some burns with the following setup:
Writer: NEC 3540A
Compilation: ISO
Write speed: 2.4X

Then I scanned the discs with NERO CD-DVD Speed Utility, and I got suprisingly bad results. I attached two of scan results.
(Disks are completely readable for now, but I can not trust these recodrs now.)

I do not think that they are fake because I bought them from a big electronics shop.
Now I wonder if someone else encountered the same problem with the same media.
As far as I know Verbatim is a good brand, and it gets on well with NEC writes. I prevously tried Verbatim 1-8x DVD-R media (25 pack cakebox), and was happy with them. So I’m really surprised with this result.


It could be that you have a bad batch. Could you please tell me the hub codes?
The second scan has a little pit, which is very odd. Also try a firmware upgrade.
NECs aren’t the best scanners anyway.


Thanks for the quick reply.
There are codes written in the inner side of the disk (near the spindle hole)
But each disk have a different code. Let me write 2 of them.
L28A33 PWD612JI20012647
L11B14 PWD612JI20012648

I also think that I have a bad batch.
(My hypothesis is that, even the good brands sell their good (first grade) products in single “jewel cases”, but sell their second grade productions in cakeboxes or spindles/bundles. So from now on I will backup my valuable data on disks that are sold in single jewel cases.)

As far as I know my firmware is 1.03 (official). I will keep your advice to upgrade it.

I did not know that NECs are not so good scanners.
So does it mean that, although the burning was successful, my writer scanned it in a wrong manner and incorrectly reported as “bad”? :confused:


You should try updating the firmware and burning at 4x and see what sort of results you get.


Is the data on the discs retreivable?

SHould scans of -RW discs be done? I ask as the dye is different from that of -Rs. Would this make the scans less of a reliable indication of quality?


I think they should. I’ve gone through quite a lot of writer reviews and had a look at the quality scans posted of DVD+RW/-RW discs. They generally have higher PIE and PIF rates than DVD+R/-R discs. This refers to PIE and PIF totals. PIF max values should still be within the same limits as those for DVD+R/-R media. A few types are notable exceptions though and have scans which (at least when brand new), show results close to those of DVD+R/-R media. The writer used for burning is of course, an important factor in the burn quality.

My own opinion is that in general, you can compare DVD+RW/-RW scans but you should only compare them against other DVD+RW/-RW scans. Comparing them with with DVD+R/-R scans is just plain unfair.

Having said that though, AmonR’s scans of his Verbatim 4x DVD+RW discs are quite horrible, even for +RW media. I’m not familiar with the sort of burn quality the NEC 3540 produces with DVD+RW/-RW discs, though.


As with most of all RW media, perform a few complete formattings before using them.


Made by CMC Taiwan for Verbatim.

This is possible, but it’s at least not always the fact. TY doesn’t sell the value lines in jewel cases, for example, but only in shrinkwrap.

I’ve never done this. Does this really make a difference?


Several times, I don’t know. But a first full erase before writing any data on the disk does improve the first burn, sometimes dramatically so. :iagree:


I have never scanned RW media because by it’s nature it is only for short term storage. As long as the data is retreivable that is all that matters to me. Honestly never even thought about scanning it.

karan it is that unfair comparison of RW against R that the poster made. I thought NECs weren’t the best for scanning anyway, I am just glad I got a BenQ in my new PC for scanning. I know from my 2500A they were great burners.


Waaov, lots of valuable comments. Thanks for your interest.
Here are my comments:

The data on the discs are retrievable for now. I completely copied the disk content back to the computer.

I plan to update the firmware, but because my computer is a relatively slow one I preferred to burn at 2.4x.

But I do not think that the bad result is because of the firmware or burning speed.
I burned the similar media of other brands and they gave much better results.
For example Philips, Maxell and TDK (1-4x DVD+RW, sold in jewel cases).
(I can post some scans of them also)
But of course they were more expensive that Verbatim (mostly becuse they are sold in jewel case boxes)
That is why I think that companies sell their second grade productions as spindles.

Finally, erasing the disk before writing anything seems as a good idea.
I shall try it.

Thanks and regards


I don’t know actually if I ever tried their 4x -RW, but their 6x -RW are just superior.


I have never tried -R or -RW of Verbatim.
(Because by reading the topics on this forum I’ve concluded that +R/RW media is better than -R/RW media)

But I’ve tried 8x and 16x +R media of Verbatim. They’ve proved to be very good with my NEC 3540A.

Also in the review of NEC 3540A ( ), it is seen that every type of Verbatim media give very good results with NEC 3540A.

So I bought this +RW cakebox. But I got dissappointed with the results.
As “kg_evilboy” says, I think I came across a bad batch. :sad:
In any case, my trust in Verbatim products is upset. :a