Verbaitm DL burnt @ 8X with BEFB

Hello everyone!

First of all, is it safe to burn DL media at 8X yet?

Secondly, I got this scan - how does this compare with what you guys have been getting?

I feel 8x is a bit too fast, here is a 4x wopc on. You can flash to BSLB I have 1 of my 1640’s @BEFB but IMHO BSLB is much better.

Did either of you have a 6x burn spped available on the MKM 001? MCSE shows 6x in the firmware but DVD Decryptor, Nero Express, etc only show 2.4x, 4x, 8x.

Do all your 8x burns complete the 2nd layer at 8x?

Have you tried WOPC on and off?

I picked up 40 of these at the recent and Best Buy deals and would appreciate any advice.


Try this link for my results with Verbatim DVD+R DL

By the way what is BEFB?


Hi :slight_smile:
It’s the f/w for the BenQ 164B external DVDRW. It gives you UDMA 4.
You need Quikee’s BQFlash as it’s crossflashing.

Hey, if I need to go back to BSLB can I use BSLB.exe or I need to use Quikee’s flasher again?

Official flasher didnt work, used Quikees flasher and got back to BSLB. Got a bad scan though…

Hi :slight_smile:
I don’t think that has anything to do with Quikee’s flasher. It could be just the disc, unfortunately 1 disc is not enough to draw conclusions from. I’ve found that just like with some Nec’s, sometimes flashing the same f/w twice improves results. There’s no logic why this may have an effect. unless the flash has been affected by some program running in the background.
I’ve noticed spikes in the readspeed graph of your scan this is common when other things are running. Try a rescan.

Yup, will scan more. I was actually comparing the firmwares for the scan quality. Of course the flasher will shouldnt have any effect on the disc quality :wink: