Verb Pastel Problems

Been having some problems with the verbatim pastel TY cdrs just wondering if anyone else has been having or has had the same problem, i been getting a fair number of burns where the burn looks stagered, as you can see in the example pic. I have had one that was around 4x worse then whats in the picture. I also had one where the was a curved line going accross the disc, ihave also had a couple of burns where this pattern is not present but the underside does’nt quiet look smooth, a very faint cross hatching affect would best disscribe this, although this one can only bee seen under certain light. I have had this happen with both the 52X and 48X rated pastels. Burnt at ether X16 or X24 with the same results. The very first spindle of pastel i had never gave me a problem nether did the plextor. And its not happened with all the discs on the spindles, some burn fine some dont.

Have been burning with my 16H5S. I may plug may Plex 2410A back in see if i get the same results with that, although with that the discs will proberly be burnt at X12.

What about scans??

cant do a scan, dont have a drive that can do reliable cd scans. But even of the scna is good surely that should’nt be happening. Other cd burns have’nt done this in the past the odd one that has i just bin it and burn again, but at the mo with these discs i have had it happen a fair bit

Well, I am not happy with the way my Liteon 165P6S handles my Pastel CD-R, too. But I haven’t yet seen that strange look with the few discss I burned with that drive.


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@Jedi Master Yoda - what about a TRT? :slight_smile:

I use only this brand of TY (no other Taiyos in my country), but I never use a DVD burner to burn them. I have Plextor Premium and LiteOn Combo :bow: – both are excellent burners. My DVD burner (BENQ DW1640) is far behind.

I vote for plug the plex in. Just to make sure that it isn’t the Lite On.
ALso check if it’s not dust,fingerprint or other smudges which are there befor the burn. Created a nice bad discs that way myself today. Normally I check but I forget and voila just a nice piece of art but a terrible disc.

The plextor 241040A can burn the pastels at 16x (more then fine is my experience.) and 24x !

If theres any dust on the disc i give it a quick blast on compressed air. Plugged my Plex 2410A back in and have done 2 burns, 1 one a X48 disc and the other on a X52 disc, both burns was done at X16 and they was spot on. Will burn some more just to check, but have to wait till i have something to burn on cd-r.

Don’t waste your precious straight hub code 48x media :wink:
Try some burns at 24x, as 24x does a different strategy, CAV instead of CLV :slight_smile:

I dont think i would call them precious as you can still buy them, you mean the serial on the centre as the code curve’s. Anyways i did burn a X24 on the lite-on but with the same problem. Dont think i have ever burnt at X24 on the Plex. I will give it a go when i have something to burn.

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That must be a very powerful air compressor if it can actually push your wife! :wink:

What Yoda is referring to are cans of compressed air, like this one:

Yeah, svp still sell them.

Yeah sorry i meant a can of compressed air, not a air compressor.

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