Verb MCC burning Like Crap

Got these Today,its a 10 cake box DVD-R said made in Taiwan Advanced AZO,was Really Dissappointed with the results :(,Burnt @ Scanned @ 8x

Burn I with BCIC:

Burn II with BCDC:

Similar Results with both BCIC & BCDC :a

wat can i do to fix these ? i know these are good media & can give better results

Those scans don’t surprise me at all. I’ve been very unlucky with those disks aswell. I recommend you to try MCC 02RG20 or MCC 004 instead. :slight_smile:

Mean so these are fake ? or crap themselves ?

He means they don’t burn the best in a Benq. I’ve stuck to BCFC and turn off WOPC for best results. Results vary per burner but you could mess with WOPC and Solidburn to see if you can get better results with different settings. My Pio 111L gives real nice 8x results with this media, but my Benqs seem to somewhat choke on it. A jitter under 8 for my 111L over 10 for my Benqs. Well known +R media tends to give the best results in Benq drives.

They re not fake. Verbatim is not very consistant, even with the brand new packaged Verbs, I have had excellent spindles and not so good spindles and spindles that just okay. I am talking about MCC004 MIT Verbatim. Unlike Taiyo Yuden, which also vary from spindle to spindle, I can at least count on a decent burn every time.:iagree:

i agree with u alan :slight_smile:

i have Started to get the Felling TY is More Bankable if u find them :slight_smile:

I don’t like 'em either with my 1650…strictly to used for giveaways only.

On BCIC and Verbatim MCC03RG20 I only had problems. Scans look like Mt. McKinley with PIE’s toward 200… :sad:
But my old NEC ND-3500 burns them great at 16x.

[I]achemen[/I], try with older DW1650 firmwares or disable WOPC with QSuite/CD DVD Speed.

^^^ which firmware u suggest ?

BCFC or BCHC. :slight_smile:
[I]Edit.[/I] Ooops gave you DW1655* fw’s at first. Sorry.

Might be confusing but my Philips DVD8801 runs on all kind of DW165 firmwares.

how to identity MCC 02RG20 or MCC 004 ? tips pls :slight_smile:

Which firmware are you using for the NEC ND-3500? Just seems like my drive doesn’t burn 16x effectively, doesn’t matter the media.

sorry for Bumping an old thread :slight_smile:

Just want to Know if [B]MCC 02RG20[/B] is better than [B]MCC 03RG20[/B] ?

From my experiences, I prefer the 8x disc.

decided to go for Yudens :slight_smile:

Safe bet. Stay away from 16X TY too. The 8X TY +/-R are the best.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: