Verb Lightscribe MIC Question

Just got a couple of verb lightscribe cd-rs and when i check on the back i saw that it said made in china, now i have seen verb cd’s made in china before but had a standard goldish yellow dye,mcc green dye discs i have seen are mit but these mic have the green dye and the mcc id. Are these mic mcc discs as good as the mit ?? i know most say to stay away from mic.

There LS ver. 1.2


I have some Verbatim LightScribe CD-R media (10pk Reorder 43441) which I don’t think are LS 1.2, but they have the same greenish dye as my Verbatim DL+ Crystal Super AZO 52x CD-R media, the ATIP is the same (97m34s23f), and they are all Made in China.

I haven’t burned any of the LightScribe discs yet, but the Crystal + Super AZO CDs are the best that I have testet yet - the equal of Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden 48x CD-R discs, with some drives preferring one over the other or vice versa.

The fact that your CD-R media are Made in China says nothing about their quality in my opinion. Why don’t you try burning them and let us know how it goes? :slight_smile:

The DL+ Crystal super azo’s i had where mit, that was some time back before i switched to the pastels.

Can burn them but i dont have a drive that can do reliable cd scans. waiting for the premium 2 to come out here.

The MICs are made by CMC. It’s better than the Verbatims MIIs, because CMC actually knows what lacquer is.

The reason i asked was i thought it was a good idea to stay away from media mic or is that just dvd media ?? and i had’nt seen mic mcc dye discs.