Verb DVD+R DL 10-pack for $11.99 shipped after $7 MIR

That’s only about $1.20 each! :slight_smile:

does anybody know if these verbatim rebates are limited to one? doesnt say it is…

They are limited, as stated on the form right above where you fill in your name. :frowning:

that makes me…the…biggest…moron…EVER!

Not really, I buy Verbs with rebates all the time (the rebates are always paid) so I’m quite familiar with their form. :slight_smile:

No way, I think the biggest moron is the one who asks for a price check at the dollar store.

You could also buy the 20 pack at Newegg. That’s a different product and a different rebate so you could get both.

Yup, that is true as long as the product isn’t exactly the same you can get more than 1 rebate from them.

BB has them 20 for $30 and there is a 12% and double rewards coupon good to 12-02
no rebtaes hassel

I was just going to mention that.

So being the great Verb DL fan that you are you must have picked up 3 more boxes (at Least I did) :bigsmile:

I will leave it to you to start a specific thread with all the links to the web site and the 2 coupons, so that you do not feel left out :wink:

next time this NE offer pops up use the $10 rebate
Ican upload it if needed
Buy: Verbatim DVD+R Double Layer 8.5GB 2.4X, Branded 20 pk Spindle (95310) at between October 30,
2006 and December 31, 2006.
Mail: Completed coupon, Copy of participating retailer sales receipt dated between 10/30/06 - 12/31/06 with the
purchase price circled, and the ORIGINAL UPC symbol (Bar Code) from the box. Must be postmarked by
January 31, 2007. No reproductions of any documentation accepted.
Mail to: Verbatim Rebate, Promotion 06-57583, PO Box 028515, Miami, FL 33102-8515.
ase keep a copy of all documentation.Verbatim is not responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.

id love the link to the 2 coupons

the coupon links are in this post

also, dont forget your best buy bucks to make the best buy DL even cheaper!

Where can one get the BB bucks??

my luck with the recent +R DL purchase in BB… :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

They aren’t all that way. In the words of Camron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off “CALM DOWN ROONEY!!!”

Did you know that the actor that played Cameron Frye was 30 years old when Ferris Bueller came out in 1986? Broderick was 24. Mia Sara was actually a teenager of 19. Just some trivia for ya. Looked it up a while back because I saw a movie where I thought Alan Ruck (Cameron) hadn’t aged to gracefully. Turns out he’s much older than I originally thought.

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They were on some of the stuff sold at McDonalds when they were running the Monopoly game…You can get some of them on ebay though right now…some people are selling them off kinda cheap right now due to them expiring this saturday(dec 2)…most will just email you the codes so you can use them online…