Verb DL's on sale at BB starting 1/8

Hello, first post but I’m a longtime lurker :slight_smile:

While scanning my newspaper circulars for tomorrows ads (1/8) I see Best Buy is gonna have Verbatim DVD+R DL’s on sale, 10pak spindle for $19.99 after $15 instant rebate.

Just thought I’d share the info.

Seems to be a nice trend. If you didn’t get any from the OM deal, here you go.

I’ve been waiting for them to run this sale again. Missed it the first time a couple months ago.
Time to put those BB gift cards to use

its nice to see so many consecutive sales on this item. do you guys think this could mean another universal price drop is on the way?

not sure, but i do know that if anyone pays regular price for this, they’re not paying attention to ANY ads at all. these are on sale every week.

It does seem like that is becoming a regularly advertised price. It’s been that price at bestbuy, office max and microcenter (multiple times at best buy and office max).

Yup. Good to see as I have yet to see any media that comes close to the quality of Verbatim when it comes to D/L media.

Yeah, let’s hope this every-week-trend continues and is a sign of continued price drops. Just picked up 4 10-pks this AM… :clap:
Thanks to everyone posting the sales.

The fact that we can get these for $20 on special nearly every week means they’re really sticking it to us on these discs; I doubt there’s too many other things they can discount nearly 45% like this so often.