Verb DL 2.4x 20-pack for USD 25 at Microcenter

Most of the spindles that I examine are MIS, but if you order online you can’t be sure. Microcenter also has the Philips 25-pack 8x + DL for USD 25, it has some good scans on these CDFreaks forums.

Also Verb 50pack on sale $12.99
Samsung 223F / 223Q / 202 J ? on sale $24.99 much lower price than NewEgg

[QUOTE=Burnsama;2120331]Also Verb 50pack on sale $12.99[/QUOTE]

You mean true 8x 5-pack for USD 13?

All true 8x DL Verb that I have examined in BM stores (MicroCenter, BB, OM) and bought online from Newegg are MIS, though again you never can be sure if you buy online.