Verb DL 2.4X 20 for $35.99 shipped at Newegg

Well , actually I do have access , my brother in Nashville has membership and he wanted to get me the 50 DL pack but he was confused because he thought 50 DVD discs is very expensive as he just bought me 100 Verbatim media for 15$ , of course he didn’t know what DL meant :bigsmile:
I just said no , if the 50 discs were of a bad batch I’d be biting the dust because I can’t send them back from Egypt :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that bothe 10 disc spindles and 20 pack spindles are enough for DL media

wow that is a good deal :bigsmile: i’m still waiting for DL dvds to get under $1 per disc :iagree:

If you buy $50. Worth online at OfficeMax Shipping is free.


I’ve seen a lot of DL media under $1 but the thing is they are not Verbatim made

Here is the link, still available in 92704 (southern california, my sweet home) and 87102 (albuquerque new mexico where I am schooling at)

Not exactly. In 2003-2004 package is up to 3-4X writing. In 2005 package is up to 8X writing. In 2006 package is a little slower, back to up to 6X writing. Smart and creative package of our loved MKM001 by Verbatim. :bigsmile:

People who have bought 50pc spindles of MKM-001, how did they turn out? My run-ins with mediocre DL media grow more frequent the larger the spindles get, i.e., more often with 20pc than 10pc spindles.

Damn! Now I know where all the good media goes! :sad:

Free shipping over $50 is standard pretty much everywhere with officemax. Also available in my area.

You might be able to use the OD $10 off $25 coupon, but this is in store only

I bought several spindles of Verbatim DL from Newegg which were junk.
The latest spindle (from bestbuy) says “up to 6x”–so far these have been very good with both my Pioneer D111 and Benq 1655.
I think it is a good batch, bad batch scenario.

Were the both batch made from the same place? or two different places.

Welp, the price has dropped $1, now it is $34.99
it is good for those that want to sit on their tushie and order online rather than dragging the behind to the physical store to make the purchase

That’s still $1.75 usd a piece.

Personally I think its still to much, but hey thats me.

Once again, if you order 4 of the 10 packs from OM it is still a better deal as shipping is free. Works out to less than $1.60 a disc. Also if you are a maxperks member then you will probably be receiving one of the coveted $30 off of $150 or more. Take a guess what I will be doing in the near future. :bigsmile: