Verb DL 2.4X 20 for $35.99 shipped at Newegg

Better deal at Office Max, 10@$14.99.

officemax charges shipping and tax

If you go to the store then you dont pay shipping.

I’d rather go to Sam’s Club and get a 50 pack for $70.

That’s what i did as i found MIS at Sam’s :smiley:

Nice, never really checked if my local Sam’s had MIS, as I rarely ever use dl.

Sams club requires membership, most folks dont have it. OfficeMax deal seems to be wiped out, I cannot find anymore in store, I bought whatever left in stock in my area (scored 2 spindles at one store and 1 spindle at another) and thats all they have left. Newegg rarely puts free shipping on this item and now they do so decent deal for those who desperately need it

I guess it depends on who you know. Most everyone i know has a Sam’s membership.

My Sams here in Minnesota only has a pack with 3 10 disc spindles for around 60 bucks, have yet to see the 50 disc spindles here.

Most people I know have Costco membership with the exception of me. I am the odd ball among all my friends, I have Sams club membership

We’re limited to Sam’s only. No Costco here but if there was, i’d join it to.

Not if you have this:

BTW, has anyone who visited Sam’s recently noticed whether they have any of the 8x Verbs left in the 50-packs, and if they’re now cheaper than $8.81?

Note that most OfficeMax stores no longer carry the Verb DL 10-pack.

Uh folks we are all forgetting that if you order 4 10 packs or more from Officemax that it comes out to the same as buying from the store as shipping is free. My local stores have been out of these for at least a year but I always order them online and with the latest Max Perks coupon I can really get them for dirt cheap if I order in bulk. The other benefit is that there is no question of MIS or MII with the 10 packs from Officemax. All depends on Sam’s Club membership and the nearest location to you. The nearest one to me is a 35 mile round trip. That’s a pretty big waste of gas if they all end up being MII when I get out there.

Exactly , a friend of mine just got back from USA and he could not find any DL 10 packs media in three different OM stores in California .
I also think that 50 DL discs are not good because if they were bad it would be a massive hit.

Closer than some here but not as far as others i suppose.

Well, the 10 pack spindle at OM is a clearance item, so YMMV. I just got back from another OM, 15 miles away from where I live, one way and found 2 spindles on clearance along with 5 Verb DVD-R pack on clearance. $15 even and I did not buy any since I did not have the office depot coupon with me to try to use it on 2 spindles and I have way too much dL media. My laptop burners produces very bad quality on DL media so I am not even using them at the moment

The problem is that DL writing speed is to slow (2.4X) and $2/disk is not that kind a shining deal.

Everyone does not have access to a Sam’s Club as stated above, thats why there not a big hit.

Most burners will burn them at higher speeds with no problems. My Pioneer 111D will overspeed them to 8x without much difficulty. As for $2 a disc, if you read the thread a little more carefully, you can easily find them for $1.40-$1.50 a disc and if you happen to buy in bulk from Officemax and have a discount coupon you can get them for under $1.30 a disc with everything included. I agree though that the original deal posted in this thread isn’t that great though.