Verb 20pk DVD+R DL $24.99 for Canucks!

This week @ Future Shop, they’ve got 20-packs of Verbatim DVD+R DL for $24.99! I think I bought the last two ones online as it said 2 available before I went through the checkout, the checkout process succeeded, now the website reports out of stock. Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

But the site indicated some store stock still available so go check out your brick&mortar Future Shop stores instamatically! Should be on sale until next Thursday (Feb 22) or while supplies last.

Futureshop had this sale once already, a couple of weeks ago. I wonder how nuts people will go for this again. I watched a guy buy 15 packs last time at my local futureshop.

:cool: :cool:

I’d be stocking up myself at those prices. Works out to just under $21.50 USD per 20 pack. :doh:

15 packs?! Man, that guy must burn a ton of movies or Xbox games. I usually only buy 2!

I bought 3 the last time BB had them on sale. It’s kinda hard to guage the frequency of the sales sometimes. Sometimes you can find them on sale every other week and sometimes you might go a couple of months before the next sale. So yeah, especially if you have a bunch of 360 titles to backup I can understand why you would buy so many of them. Or maybe he is trying to be like me and sell them for a profit in Europe. :wink:

I will get 2.

Yes 15 packs, it pissed a lot of people off because he was buying everything on the rack and he was not parting with them when there were others who wanted to purchase.

:cool: :cool:

Then you have to ad the cost of shipping to this price also.

Not if they are like BB and offer the ability to do in-store pick-up. That saved my butt last time around as my local store didn’t have any in stock on the shelves, but somehow they managed to dig up the 3 aforementioned packs when I ordered them online and did the in-store pick-up. Either way, as mentioned this deal is for Canadians.

Anyone happen to know the unburned still-in-the-package shelf life of these discs? I.e.: at what length is it safe to “stock up” on them and burn them whenever you need to?

I would say that if you store them in a temperate/dry place you could easily get away with a year or two without burning them.

jsut to give a comparison, but don’t try it :
I had a about 4 50 packs of TY Fiji cd-r blanks that got lost in my garage and for 2 years baked there in the texas heat (>120F) and recently on moving found them and guess what? they still record fine, better than some new media in fact.

So I believe good media dye to begin with is very important as is TY, and thus will last longer when kept in good conditions

I have some some Memorex 4x speed from 3-4 year old and still burn them with no trouble at all.

On the other hand I have some Prodisc CD-R that were properly stored for a little over a year and about 1 in 4 produces a coaster. Then again these are Prodisc CD-R that we are talking about here.

That is make me wonder if I go ahead and burn 10 of my Memorex 4X in a row, how many of these 10 will turn to be coaster?.