Verb 100 8x -R $16.99 shipped after $15 MIR

Comments on show that Verbatim 8X DVD-R discs could be “MCC02RG20” or “TYG02” or CMCMAG.AE1" or “RITEKG05”. The first two (which are, of course, the ones you want" are further labeled as “DataLifePlus”. Looking at the picture on NewEgg, I do NOT see “DataLifePlus”.

so what about the +R discs?

the ones in 100-pack cake box, are they any good?
I bought four packs of 50-spindle earlier this year from OfficeMax, although it all says “MCC004”…but only half of them burn good on my Benq 1655…the quality just range significantly on the other two packs…

Just wondering has anybody bought 100-pack +R Verbs from Egg before? Are they any good? I’m just about to pull the trigger…I’m running out of discs…:frowning:

Pretty highly unlikely that you will get Ritek, and TY, more likely you will get MCC02RG20 made by either prodisc or cmc. The +R, I am 99.99% sure that it is MCC004, but I cannot tell if it is made by CMC or prodisc. CMC made MCC004 is what people are looking for, but there is a possibility that the discs are also made by MBP if they are made in India. I am not a big fan of rebate, $14 rebate is too much for a $30 item, percentage wise


The regular price of $33 with free shipping - beats Rima price by about $7 - the $14 rebate is frosting on the cake-

These are MCC 004 - and burn very well at 8x in my LiteOns and 12x in my BenQ and 18x in my Samsung - would recommend them to anyone-eh!

Depending on how many of the discs you’ve already used, return 'em! I’m getting tired of crap media that seems to be more and more prevalent these days. Anytime I buy a new batch and can’t get a decent burn on the first couple of tries, back they go. :a

the 8x -r in the pic would be MCC02RG20, and if the pic is accurate (who knows? The reviews for that are not recent enough to id it for certain), it is a CMC-made batch of 100.

As for the 16x +R, those should be MCC004, although if the picture is to be trusted, they would be CMC-made. However, no recent reviews document any signs of being CMC or Prodisc-made

I almost used up them all…(threw away the bad burns and keep the goods)
I lost my receipt anyway…
Well, I don’t know I can return them before your post…I’ll do that next time I buy media in the retail store.

Thanks for the feedback from you all :slight_smile:

well, it is pretty safe to buy media under verbatim brand, just that the rebate is too much. Why not wait till you see them go on sale at retail store, they will either have the 50 disc spindle for $12.99 or 100 disc spindle for $24.99 and I am very certain that you will see this price almost every week. $14 rebate out of $100 is not too much, but $14 out of a $33 item is way too much of a rebate.

the Egg’s +R deal just went out of stock, and this is the last day of rebate…
I think I’ll have to look for something else…:frowning:


With Newegg - you snooze - you lose-eh!

Verbatim product #94985 has never been anything other than MCC02RG20. The only “iffy” part to this, as has been mentioned already in the thread, is whether you will get discs with that ID that were manufactured by CMC or Prodisc.

Here’s what I do. The ONLY disks I use for my own archives is TY G03 16X media burned at 12X from RIMA

Everything I burn for enyone else is on MCC04 16X burned at 12X. (I burn EVERYTHING on my NEC 3500)

I’m sick and tired of playing the games trying to decipher the origin of disks, so I get the best, from the best distributer out there. I don’t have problems with my disks. (I haven’t had anyone report any problems with backups I’ve made for them on MCC04 either, but like I say, for my stuff, ONLY TY will do.)

Those disks that DID burn successsfully from those questionable spindles you had probably won’t last long before they no longer can be read.

I’ve said it a million times already, and I’ll say it one more time… cheap media that goes bad in a couple years is NO BARGAIN to me! :disagree: Even if you catch it before it goes completely bad and don’t loose any of your data, you have to spend the time to back it up all over again, and pay for media a second time as well. Much better to just do it right the first time! :iagree:

In the long run, it saves you alot of this: :a :sad: :doh: :Z :a :doh: :sad: :Z :o :eek: :Z

That’s my $0.02 on the whole topic. :slight_smile:

Happy burning!


See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. When I buy TYG03 from RIMA, I KNOW what I’m getting and who made it. :slight_smile:


I think for the really important stuff burning to more than one brand, or even type, is good - i.e. for something of critical importance using a maxell or panasonic dvd-ram and a TY -r (or better yet Maxell’s high grade) would be ideal…

No TYG02 on Verbatim sold in the US, only in Europe.
In US whether it is Verbatim retail or DataLifePlus, it is either MCC or CMC, period.

NewEgg used to have a very good quality batches of media not just Verb but others also.
However recently whenever NewEgg has Verb on sale with rebate that is so good to be true like this one that cannot be found on other retailers, there seems to be lots of bad batches come along…Look like Verb is clearing out their old stocks with newer one.
So be cautious during sale/rebate on NewEgg. More demand(customer), less supply --> less quality product will fill up a supply to meet demand. voila :slight_smile:

I dunno, I got some CMC produced Verb MCC 03RG20 16x DVD-R as freebees when I purchased my Pioneer (from newegg) and I have just started burning them. As long as I burn them at 12x or lower they are actually pretty good discs. In fact the only discs that have burned better are my old 2x Fujifilm DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden made) and the premium TYG02 discs that I get from rima. So in short only Premium TYG02 have burned better.

Did you received it as 100pk spindle? I do not think so. I don’t think they will give away 100pk spindle for buying a drive.
Up to 50 pk spindle it is usually good. Single packed even better. 100pk is a problem.

I had a 100 pack of MCC03RG20 (Prodisc) and a 100 pack of MCC02RG20 (CMC) that I bought in the past year, no problems with either spindle. In fact, both of the MCC004 printable 100 packs I bought over that same period (one CMC, one Prodisc) burn without issue as well.