Verb 100 16x +Rs $18.99 after MIR

Verbatim 100 cakebox of 16x DVD+R for $32.99 shipped. After a $14 mail-in rebate, the net is $18.99.

Thats a good deal but its the same as Office Max 50 for 14.99 and you don’t have to deal with the MIR.

Same as…

Just with a price increase.


That is Newegg for ya-

Ya snooze - you lose-eh!

Nope, the earlier thread/offer didn’t have free shipping.

You’re right! The earlier offer was $28.99 + 6.41 shipping - 14.00 MIR = $21.40 net. This one nets out to $18.99. :slight_smile:

'cept they must be shipping from an NJ warehouse, 'cause I get to pay $2.31 tax. OTOH they claim delivery will be in 1 business day, even with the free shipping.

When i bought it last night, they had a combo deal that included a 512mb sd card for $4.99 shipped.


Got mine (after the post above showed the math)-

Even without the rebate - I cannot go to BestBuy or OfficeMax (44 miles round trip) and get it on sale - for what it costs at Newegg with the free shipping-eh!

So is nearly everybody getting CMC from NewEgg?

That is what I have seen so far. Keep in mind, the Prodisc are just fine, the only difference is that they tend to increase in errors at the end of the burn, both total and peaks. If you have a Pioneer 111, I have found this effect to be less.

For that matter, I have found a batch of the CMC where they had a bump in PIE at .5 gig where it peaked near 70, then back down. If you are getting the rebate, either version is worth it.

Have you had any PIF clumping (0-0.5 gb) on your CMC or Prodisc version MCC004, Chas? I get this on 16x burns on my LiteOn 165p6s. While the 16x burn is fine overall, I know even the CMC version should be slowed to 12x (although the FE/TE tests on my BenQ 1640 show the 16x burn simulation is under the thresholds easily) for better quality.

Yo G-

Best MCC04 burns on my LiteOn were at 8x - and awesome-eh!

When you can buy two spindles of 50 each from Best buy or office Depot for $29.99 total ($14.99 each) it would be insane to bought it from online for $32.99 and wait for 3 to 6 months to get $14 back.

I don’t know… I’d have to pay 7.5% sales tax that would bring the total to $32.23 if I bought locally. 76 cents isn’t much to spend for a $14 return in a few months. :disagree:

And, as bigmike7 pointed out, don’t forget about the gas.

Hi Quema34.

I don’t recall any PIF problems but if you got the same bad batch as I it is certainly possible it would show up in PIF as well as PIE. I have only found one burner that would do 16X up to my standards, the LG 4166, not really an LG at all.

Are you using the latest firmware? MS0P improved my MCC 004 quite a bit, 12X of course.

I’ve gotten at least half a dozen rebates from Verbatim and it’s never taken anywhere near 3-6 months.

Price is now at $39.99 shipped before the rebate.

Back at $33.99. $19.99 after rebate. With free shipping… :slight_smile: