Verabatim Media Different Regions Which is best?

The batch Simple sent me was TH000021. Plextor branded. The batch Rima sent me was TH000030. But the difference was more than just a batch variation, it was like 2 different medias.:rolleyes:

Ahhh. I have TH000021s here.

You people in the UK should just take a trip to Australia and stock up on discs. Seeing as 1 pound is like 3 bucks here and we sell verbs for like 20 bucks a 50 spindle, you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a trip to the paradise of 160 GB hard drives for $10 would be even better, though.
I’m suggesting a new €/$ exchange rate: $1 for € 1.50.

(The price system is messed up when you see that you can buy and import from other countries and earn quite some money while reselling the products here.)

Hehehe…we’d have to pick up a heck of a lot of media to make the air-fare worth it :bigsmile:

Verbatim DVD media is just about affordable here when PC World have them on special offer. I buy a couple of packs any time the price dips below Eur20 for a 50 pack. Thats around £13 or AU$33.

Spare a thought for our friends in Belgium:


Keep an eye out in Sainsbury’s as well, they sometimes have sales on Verbs, picked up a couple of 25pcs spindles for £5.99 each last time. :slight_smile:

No Sainsbury’s or Asda in this part of the world (Cork R.O.I). The main players in the big supermarket business are Tesco, Dunnes Stores and the Germans (Aldi, Lidl). None of them sell good quality DVD media. Most of the smaller computer shops don’t even stock Verbatim. The only options available are:
wait for a sale at PC World, pay megabucks at Maplin or pay shipping for mail order.

Awww! Cork’s a nice place though (my mum’s family are from there), I’d buy my media by mail order just to live there :slight_smile:

It’s not a bad old place. There is a mail order supplier in west Cork: I must try them one of these days…

Can’t say I’ve heard of them. If you do try them, let us know what they’re like :slight_smile:

AU$33 is around the medium or average price for Verbatim 50 packs here and quite a lot of the population has to shop around or order online for that sort of pricing or lower. The $22 type specials don’t come very often :sad:

Most of the big chain stores usual pricing here is $44 -$48 which is more than I’m willing to pay unless I’m desperate and out of discs.

Also, on same subject of different Verbatim pricing worldwide: Just wondering what impact if any there would be on european pricing because of Verbatim importing and selling media in europe from 3 different countries ie Japan, Taiwan, India.?

In the case of supplementing their own production with OEM TY media, that can’t come cheap, or as cheaply as their own production out of India or Taiwan. Some subsidising or rounding out the overall costs perhaps going on?

Odd how some markets only see the Taiwanese made stuff though. :confused:

Yes, apparently it’s rounding out the overall costs, as the price for MIT/MII/MIJ Verbatim is exactly the same in virtually all shops.
Their own production in India may be the cheapest because almost all of the Super Azo CD-R production has now been relocated to India.

But I’ve heard that in some regions of Europe, MII Verbs are sold at lower prices (by the retailers) because of their poor reputation.

In Europe, there’s MIT, MII and MIJ Verbatim. In North America, only MIT Verbatim is available, and in Singapore, MIT and MIJ Verbatim (don’t know about MII) are available.

I have just put a small order into SVP and they have TYG02’s from Datasafe for £15 quid for 100 ! For that price I had to get some just to try even if not any good, but I am pleased so far.

I also got some 25’s of the Verb MIJ T03’s for £5 quid for each pack, there were people whining that they had got T03’s over MCC004 ???.

But IMO the Datasafe are the good deal for a cheaper media, and my H42N seems to like them over my 4167, which is a first for me, unless it was because I used all of the disk ? The only thing I have seen is every disk has a spike at the 3GB mark.