Verabatim Media Different Regions Which is best?

My Local PCworld is doing a deal on Verbatim media +r and -r. The only problem i have is that the +R is made in India and the -R is made in Taiwan, which is the better. They also have tubs that are made in Japan and some other types in Singapore. Which region outputs the best media from Verbatim?

Either Japan or Singapore, then Taiwan and then India in that order, just my opinion of course :slight_smile:

As a general rule I’d say that the Made in Taiwan (by CMC or Prodisc) are the least variable, but even with those there is some variation. The Made in Japan (by Taiyo Yuden) are also variable but I haven’t had any really bad ones (as in coasters).

The Made in India is probably the most variable, but it’s good most of the time and it can be really excellent. My best batch of any media ever has been Verbatim MCC 004 Made in India. Some drives like the MII versions less than the MIT version, and some older drives may not have optimized write strategy for the Taiyo Yuden 16x DVDs.

The only Made in Singapore I’ve had myself are Dual Layer 2.4x DVD+R and they are very good.

Damn, I went to PC World the other day, they must have started the deal after that :doh:

I’d go for the MIJ ones, I bought some Made in Japan -Rs from PC World this week :)…having said that, I agree with Drage about the Made in India ones - your LG may like them.

Its the 10 Pack DVD+R and DVD-R inkjet printable media its down to £4.99 a pack. Currys also have Panasonic DVD-R for £4.99.

Well… they should all pretty much be excellent media.

Maybe you should get 1 pack of each :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, isn’t 5 pounds alot to pay for only 10 discs? I know the english dollar is probably about 3x a strong as the Australian one. I got some 50 packs of -R verb the other day for $20 each. Which would be less than 10 pounds in the UK.

B&M prices are always higher over here - we’re not called “rip-off Britain” for nothing :wink:

So anything under a tenner automatically feels like a good deal I guess hehe :wink:

Pcworld isnt the cheapest for prices you can get media online cheaper but if your passing by why not saves P&P and you get to have it their and then.

Exactly. I like to have the media in my paws straight away if possible. It’s also easier to make sure you get the COO that you want if you can look at the packaging before you buy. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind a couple of quid extra if that’s what it takes :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s why I also prefer shopping at brick and mortar stores.
If I shop for Verbatim 16x DVD+R, I usually look for CMC-made MCC 004 or YUDEN000 T03 - and even if I know that they’re MIT, some online shop owners just don’t know how to tell CMC from Prodisc :bigsmile:

Yes, that’s why I also prefer shopping at brick and mortar stores.

I do the same, but from the computer fairs, I am very lucky as I have about 3 or 4 of them, all less than half a hours drive from me, so I can get very close to interweb prices but get to sort thru the stuff :smiley: and some of them are very willing to have a deal with you for cash :wink: :wink:

But saying that I have ‘just’ put a small order into SVP for verbage and some cheap Datawrite TYG03 (price was far too good to pass up).

I dont often go into PCworld, if I do its to get the feel of something and then order it on-line :o but if the prices are right I could do with some MIJ verbs, and I would be intrestead in getting some of each and testing them back to back. Because I have only had MII once, they were some of the first DVD media I got (at least very early on) and I did not know what I now do

If you really want to get ripped off, try Maplin. I recently bought a couple of 50 packs of Verbatim +R from PC World. The price was Eur19.99 per pack. Maplin wanted Eur 49.99 for the same pack!

Yeah, Maplin’s are expensive. Having said that, at least they stock(ed) Verb T02s in the 25 pcs spindles.

Arachne. Thanks for the tip :flower:

I didn’t find any T02in Maplin but I did find some MIJ Verbatim 16x +R T03.

No, thank you :flower: - I’ll have to check next week (if I can get a lift) if my Maplin’s has some T03 :smiley:

I wouldn’t bother then - they’re much cheaper from SVP :bigsmile:

Or just about anywhere else on the planet.

I got some Plextor T03s sent to me by a friend we have in common ( Simple) and they are much better than the T03s I get from Rima, I wonder why. I know the ones from Rima are the real thing. :confused:

Are the batch codes the same?

Decisions, decisions…:bigsmile:

@Alan - I’ll echo Kev, are the batch codes the same?