VeloSSD Version September 2015



September 15 2015. It is time to update VeloSSD too:

This software supports now up to 2 Petabyte Host Volumes. It requires only little RAM to manage Caching of these high Capacities. Compared to earlier Versions of this product the RAM footprint was reduced by more than 95%.

Changes in Version
This version is a big jump ahead since it adds many features from the MaxVeloSSD CodeBase. S.M.A.R.T and Performance monitoring, WriteThrough, Scan Resistant and Maximum Host Capacity Limits ( now 2 PetaByte ). Thoroughly tested under Windows 10. Bugs with multiple cache Data Volumes removed. Bugs in the Cache engine were removed. Bugs with recovery after power loss were removed. Recovery is now quicker, especially when the write cache is filled up. Earlier versions needed to write the Write Cache back completely before boot. That could result in frustrating long boot times.

Internal corruption due Power loss / reset occurred every once and a while. This is fixed. If an internal on disk structure is corrupted ( possible write error while loosing power ) fallback failover recognizes and replaces it.


Hello EliteBytes :flower:,

I have tryed version but I have 3 issues with this version. :confused:

:disagree: a BSOD at shutdown with windows XP. The message is 'DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE". Google gives plenty of hits with this message so it’s a fairy common driver issue and allways driver related. The error stops if I uninstall velossd driver.

:disagree: Wrong smart analysis. Velossd GUI tells me my drive values are bad but all other smart software tell me it’s ok. You read the wrong value and use the “treshold” instead of the “raw value”.

:disagree: Cache removal fails. I get an error “something happened” when I try to remove a cache. The progressbar fails to start, cache setting is removed from gui but stays active. On next reboot cache seems to be flushed and removed but this “asynchronous” behaviour is still dangerous for those who uninstall the software without removing cache and rebboting.

Otherwise I could feel an increase in performance :clap: and I hope you’ll fix those quickly, in the mean time I’m back to stable

Cheers :slight_smile:


3 weeks now since my report, where is ? Come on fix the bugs or I’ll call Alan :cop: ! :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=wchris;2762376]3 weeks now since my report, where is ? Come on fix the bugs or I’ll call Alan :cop: ! :bigsmile:[/QUOTE] Bodo is working on everything, have you sent him a detailed report? Its working fine for me on Win10 Pro, but that doesnt mean its working for everyone. I just sent you a PM. ( remember XP is no longer supported by MS, so fixing it may be a problem, I am just guessing here, but that could be the issue.


[QUOTE=alan1476;2762393]Bodo is working on everything, have you sent him a detailed report? ( remember XP is no longer supported by MS ) [/QUOTE]

Hi Alan,

I have re-sent my report yesterday evening, but got no read acknownledgement. Last answer from Nick at support dates from 21 september. No more mail recieved since, that’s why I think I may be in their spambox.

Every machine with W7 or W8 can upgrade to W10 for free. So in the end the only ones that will remain are XP and W10.
My XP machine is my secondary machine, I’ll not upgrade it to w10 (it is not powerfull enought) nor replace it by a new machine (it’s a 2nd machine).

I think they can fix those issues, mostly because the issues are new in and did not happen with velossd but I wonder if they are really aware of it, I have no feedback.


Finally is out ! :smiley: Allready started my pre-install backup, can’t wait to test this version ! crossing fingers this one will be perfect :wink:


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