VeloSSD registration miracles




After purchasing a VeloSSD license and successfully installing & using VeloSSD, I am a bit puzzled by EliteByte’s license protection scheme. Anti-cracking protection is a neccessity these days. Nothing wrong with that, except that it’s totally unclear to me what is permitted and what is not.

I received my license two days ago and of course, what could be more fun than experimenting with Velo. I installed VeloSSD on my test drive, assuming I could move it to my main drive later. I couln’t.

Immediately after registering via the internet but before defining a cache volume, I made a full partition backup using Macrium Reflect. Besides the Windows 8.1 data volume I also included the (UEFI) hidden partitions.

After happily experimenting for hours and being extremely satisfied with VeloSSD, I decided to move W8 + hidden partitions to my main drive and to delete the old partitions. The moved system booted normally (I had done this numerous times before) but VeloSSD complained about the licence.

Googling, I found that the existing license had to be de-activating first before re-activating the moved installation. I need to contact EliteBytes Support for that. No problem, since they respond very fast.

Yet because it was in the middle of the night, I decided to restore my system to its original disk and Velo worked again. Well it’s only $9.99 so no sweat if it hadn’t. Still, I feel restricted and uneasy about keeping my license activated at all times.

So my question is: can I de/reactivate my license without intervention from EliteBytes, and how many times am I allowed to do this before it expires. My main concern is that I lose VeloSSD the moment the EliteBytes company goes bust. :sad:

Thanks in advanced for any input on this.


E-mail support, they are very helpful and will work with you. :wink:


[QUOTE=alan1476;2748736]E-mail support, they are very helpful and will work with you. ;)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve already been in contact with Support and indeed they are way more helpful than certain other support desks. I consider this issue solved. Thanks.


Hi Wdo.

Can you provide feedback to us about what they said ?
Is there a way to keep the software working if they go “bust” ?


Hi wchris,

I meant I’ve been in contact with VeloBytes earlier about the license and they responded fast and helpful. I did not contact them about my question on this forum.

However, I’ve done more Googling. EliteBytes appears to be working on a possibility for users to de/reactivate their license on their website. That would already help a lot for now.

Still, if they go bust, bad luck. To get at least a few years of usage I will wait for Windows 10. I will install VeloSSD on a basic 10 system and make an image backup. Should disaster strike -like a system crash while EliteBytes is out of business- I will simply restore my backup with Velo pre-installed and rebuild my system.

As far as I can tell now, a full image restore to the original disk works and the licence is restored without internet access. When I have time I will see what happens when I restore to a similar, totally blank disk from another manufacturer on the same SATA slot. Hopefully the licensing mechanism doesn’t store the disk type/serial number, or else it will fail. Harddisk models come and go.

I have no intention of pirating/duplicating, I just foresee losing VeloSSD’s functionality in the future. That’s because there is nothing like VeloSSD at the moment. I tried PrimoCache with mixed success. Primo can also cache to SSD but it’s unstable and will not work on all systems.


Thank you for the feedback

I think restoring backup will only work on the same machine

on everything else I fully agree with you, I also tryed primocache and velossd performs much faster on my system too.


I know the developers of Elitebytes, they are one of the premiere companies in this space, and their support is by far the best in the business, they are extremely consumer friendly and while I do not usually recommend a specific software, I will however highly recommend Elitebytes.