VeloSSD deactivated itself

Purchased VeloSSD two days ago after realising Intel artificially disables Smart Response on non-Core series CPUs (ie Celeron / Pentium range).

Installed VeloSSD initally as a trial. After a few minutes I decided to purchase it, put in the serial and activated fine. All was great.

However after leaving the computer idle, I came back and it was powered off (?). Upon reboot, Windows 7 kept displaying a BSOD and rebooting before the login screen came up. Changing my SATA controller mode from RAID (which was initially a requirement of Intel Smart Response, hence why it was in that mode - no raid array established though) to AHCI enabled Windows 7 to boot again as normal.

However VeloSSD came up saying there was a problem with the cache and the application wasn’t activated. It kept saying it was in trial mode? even though it knew the key. When I clicked the ‘activate button’ no window popped up. So I closed the program and relaunched it. It again said the trial was over (only installed for a few hours though??) and needed to be activated. Activation could not work, came back with an error:

The activation was not successfull.
Error eb010001Installation Key:*****
Activation Key:Error:Not activatable.-3

So I decided a reinstall might work. I removed the cache and rebooted. VeloSSD still said it was in trial, needed to activate but couldn’t. So I thought I’ll uninstall it, reboot, reinstall and maybe something. Still not working. Maybe it was the SATA controller mode? Decided to swap back to RAID mode (from AHCI)… Windows again BSOD on boot up. I physically moved the SSD cable from ATA port 1 to ATA port 2 on the motherboard (read this tip from a post) and this seemed to work - windows booted again. But VeloSSD still couldn’t be activated…? I thought PC activation was tied to the license of Windows for its PC-identity, not controller ports or modes? I dunno… just guessing.

So I thought I really want this up and running, so while I wait for VeloSSD email support to reply (its been about 24 hours) I’ll grab a trial key and get some much needed SSD acceleration back into the system, to remind me why I purchased this product. The trial key also couldn’t be activated and immediately said the trial was over?

Anyone have any ideas? I spent over 20 hours googling for SSD software caching solutions before I found VeloSSD. There is a huge need for SSD caching alternatives as everything else has been bought out by Samsung or SanDisk (Nevlo Dataplex / Condusiv ExpressCache) and restricted to their OEM products. Everything else is exclusively in the Enterprise space. Maybe if the VeloSSD developers can one day sell off their software for millions $$$ to a large SSD manufactorer, but for now, as a sustainable business model based off word of mouth and reputation they just need to make sure things like this do not sour customer experiences.

I think VeloSSD is amazing when it works, but the customer service needs to be better and more responsive while the activation process more flexible to enable a good customer user experience and hence better business and profits for them.

For now, I just wish I could use the software I paid for …

That’s something that only Elitebytes support can recify. But I am sure their support team will assist you.:smiley:

we’re back in business! key reset, all is good.

I’ve disabled hibernation, removed all traces of Intel sata drivers, changed antivirus from nod32 to avast (just in case)… hopefully this will turn out good ;p

also set caching method to write-through instead of write-back just to be safe!

uninstalled Disk Keeper 2010 (did some pre-write anti-fragmentation logic on a driver level) and disabled automatic installation of Windows updates.

VeloSSD has been rock solid for the last 3 days… very happy with the performance increase.

Thanks for reporting back petersv, that could also help other people, much appreciated!