VeloSSD 2012 v 2.0.8: Activation after Reinstall?

Hello, yesterday I tried VeloSSD and after successfully caching my OS-Partition bought the Professional Edition. Online activation was ok and I was able to add new cached partitions. After several problems with them, that’s another story, I got the popup from VeloSSD telling me about unspecified problems and supposing a reinstall of itself. After the reinstall online activation is not possible anymore, stating that my installationkey is not “activatable”. Therefore I can use VeloSSD only in trial mode. One remark: At first VeloSSD resided on drive D: and the second install was the default C:. How to get over that limitation? Regards, Martin Schneider

product activation after reinstall will be available soon without support interaction.
We found your account and reset its activation count.
Right now we investigate your report and will post information in this thread.

thanks for your report,
trying to repeat the error condition on a machine
with a similar configuration yielded no problem first.

After experimenting with adding / removing cache
several times in a row we encountered
a reproducable error.
It requires an update to the software, we currently work on.

To avoid it right now:
Always reboot after creating one cache.

So we could verify your report
and will provide a timely workaround/update.

[QUOTE=EliteBytes;2648890] To avoid it right now:
Always reboot after creating one cache.

So we could verify your report
and will provide a timely workaround/update.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your prompt reply!

I will try that workaround tomorrow morning and report back.

Regards, Martin

an update to the software is available now.
It includes the above mentioned workaround.

Kind Regards.

That’s a very quick response EliteBytes. :cool:


Until now if you had activated VeloSSD2012
and deinstalled it later, it couldn´t activate again.

This was uncomfortable, and is gone.

You can reinstall on the same hardware
and reactivate automatic via internet now.

I’m sorry, but I think this doesn’t work in my case.

I uninstalled ver., installed and now get the message
"Activation Key:Error:Not activatable.-3"

Hello mointti,
we respect your privacy and not discuss details of your account in the public.

The reason may be that you use different Installation keys
/ hardware. If you got more then one Installation Key
you should remember wich one you used on what machine.
Because they are unique, so you can not generate a new
IK and activate it, because you once bought a product.

You will need to enter the same IK on
that machine like the time you activated it.

If you need details please email support.

kind regards.

i have looked up your account,
to not discuss it in