Velocity Media on BenQ1620

Hey guys this is my first post but I have been lurking here for a couple days…

Anyways, I was looking in some “hot deals” forums and I came across these Velocity 8X DVD+Rs. I know to be careful of cheap media but If these will work at all on the BenQ1620 it seems a little too hot to pass up. Anybody have any experience with these?

By the way I have the IOMagic version of the BenQ and it has been working just fine…

Thanks all.

Well, it is +R, so unless it is really bad junk, the Benq will probably like it. I just ordered 4 x 25 (in order to get free shipping, you have to go over $25). I’ll let you know in a few days. Of course, they will probably be out of stock by then… :slight_smile:

Newegg has 100pk RiData 4x + for $29 after a $10 rebate. Downside is if the are ricohjpnr01 they will only burn at 4x, but if they are R03 they will burn at 12x. Also CC has a 25pk of Memorex 8x + for $19.99 and you get another pack free. I saw this in the bargin basement forum.

I ordered the 100 pack of Ridata 4X +R already (Friday I think?). Only one rebate per household, can’t order any more. I am hoping they are the RICOHJPNR01, as these burn really, really well in my 1213@1633 at 8x. I have no experience with the Ricoh R03, nice to hear they will burn at 12x in my Benq 1620.

Lifted from a thread on the AT forums about this deal on the Velocity 8x DVD+R media

Nero InfoTool reads them as:

Supported Speeds: 12.0X - 8.0X - 6.0X - 4.0X
Blank Capacity: 4.38 GB
Manufacturer ID: MCC 003

Post back when you get yours. It may vary. Quite a deal if it’s MCC 003.

From videohelp media database:

DVD Media  	Type  	Size  	Media code  	Speed  	 	
New Media 	DVD+R 	4.7GB 	MCC 03 	        8x 	
New Media 	DVD+R 	4.7GB 	PRODISC.R03 	8x

It looks like you get some good media either way. :slight_smile:

I just ordered 4 25 packs, let’s hope it’s one of the two media codes listed.

I remember reading on CDRLABS forum that there are Prodisc made MCC coded discs… but like Wesociety said, Prodisc R03 isn’t really that bad. Plus, all the Verbatim +R MCC003 are made in Taiwan… who knows, they may all been made by Prodisc in reality…
Please do let us know if these burns well…

I just got mine today, 4 25 Packs of them. The media code was Prodisc R03, and needless to say, they burn fast and with great quality in the Benq 1620. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Mine were also PRODISCR03.