Velocity DVD-R 16X Branded 100-pk $10.99 shipped



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Courtesy of Fatwallet, taken from a Slickdeals post originally. Not sure what the media code on these is. People speculate Optodisc but I can not confirm. I used some Velocity discs back when they were Prodisc-manufactured MCCs but apparantly they’ve changed suppliers since then.

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I’m in for a hundred. Curious to see what they turn out to be. If I were sure they were Optodisc, I would have purchased several hundred.


I am in for 100, I can use some -R 16x for testing, would be nice if it is Optodisc


Out of Stock. Good deal and I’ve used Velocity branded discs in the past without problems. Probably just as well for me that I didn’t order any, too many discs already. :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, too many risk takers in here. Not such a good deal. The old 8X Velocity were MCC but good luck on the newer ones. But for that price shipped without any rebates involved, I guess you guys can be the guinea pigs for us


I got a hundred. At that price they make good 12 guage practice if nothing else. I guess us that did will let you that didn’t know the results.


I guess with the auto-learn strategy burners these days, might as well get one so my drives can learn them, keeping my drives “well educated”


Do all burners auto-learn these days? I thought that was still something exclusive to old-school BenQ and Lite-On.


Were they genuine MCC or did they just use MCC media codes?


they were genuine MCC code in the past, especially the -R


My guess would be that these are Optodisc, which is decent media. Worth a try for $11 certainly. Regarding write strategies, the only drives I know of that have any kind of ‘self-learning’ are Benqs with SolidBurn (1640/50/55), 5S and newer Liteons, and newer Plextors.


Dear Henry Nettles,

Thank you for shopping at We are sorry to notify you due to the tremendous response we’ve received, the promotional item you’ve ordered (item#: 01-DRVL401-100) is out of stock. We will refund you the full amount of 10.99 within 24 hours. We have also issue you a $5 store credit for your future purchase. You can use this credit toward any purchase on our site.
Thank you for shopping with us. We hope we can serve you better in the near future.

Best Regards,

Customer Services


Same here :rolleyes:


anyone who got these verify if they were real?


I haven’t recieved the stock or the out of stock notification. ???


I checked the site and found the order was canceled and they didn’t bother to tell me. I told them I wouldn’t bother to order from them again.


I wonder if anyone is going to get them… :rolleyes: