Vegas 7 or Nero When I burn a dvd help!

Hi, If i’m burning a dvd with vegas 7 or nero, the burn process will complete. The disc looks like it has been burned but will not open in any dvd player. Also I notice a ring mark on the copies. This is at the beginning of the disc. When I see this I know the disc won’t play. This has always done this on the computer I use but not all the time until recently. Any help would be great. I’m stumped on this. It also does the same on dvd copy and the platinum version. Thanks.

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It seems a typical bad disc issue. Probably you are using a low quality disc. Try with a better one, like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

Try also to update the firmware of your burner, this often improves writing quality.

I’m using Memorex dvd+r. I will try a better disk and upgrade. Thanks for the info.