Vegas 4e and MPEG4

With 1Gbyte SD cards now for $200, I am reviewing a raft of cheap new digital cameras that shoot native MPG4, and although Vegas 4 will play the sound, it does not see any video (there’s a 900k Samsung Digimax V6 sample file at

However, the clip plays in the WM9 player; and can also be transcoded in the WM9 encoder to a format I can edit in Vegas, but that seems like a cop out…

So I am stumped, and I get the same on Windows XP2 SP2 or W2k SP4.

Any suggestions…?


It’s MJPEG not MP4, the salesman pulled a fast one.

I used Gspot mentioned elsewhere in the forum.

samsungmpeg4test.aviU:\video\samsungmpeg4test.avi960,442AVI(.AVI)AVI v1.0, 001MJPGMotion JPEG including Huffman TablesCodec(s) are Installed00:00:031013202401.334:330.00024860x0007(MULAW, Microsoft Corporation)Codec(s) are Installed811265

Nevertheless, the camera is excellent in all other respects so I won’t be returning it.

Has anyone got any recommendation for genuine MP4 video cameras…?