Vega$ (Vegas): Make It Big

Vega$: Make It Big by Empire Interactive (Vegas MIB)
Original UK - English
SafeDisc 3.10.20

“SAFEDISC” printed on the inner ring of the CD (where you normally see DADC for SecuROM)

Bad Backup: game goes to Macrovision splashscreen and then asks for original CD.

Bad sectors are present in the sector ranges… 802-10228 (normal SafeDisc range) and also 308288 - 308295

Thanks to Dr–Evil

Alcohol 120%
Read Speed Max
Read Subchannel Data (thought it couldn’t hurt)
Ignore Read Errors

I disabled skip error blocks to make the reader a little slower over the bad sectors.

I then burnt the image at Max speed and disabled Bypass EFM error as the Plexwriter Premium can do them OK.

The result is a working 1:1 copy. However it would seem that it is the bypass EFM error which causes the problem. I tried the same thing in my Laptop drive which requires the bypass setting and it didn’t work. So it looks like SD3 can be copied but only with certain compatible hardware and the bypass feature no longer works.